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Follow the Pac-12 to Tokyo

Coverage of Pac-12 student-athletes,
coaches & alumni competing
at the Tokyo Olympics

Follow the Pac-12 to Tokyo

Pac-12-affiliated athletes took home 108 individual medals at the XXXII Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo, the most among all conferences. Ninety-one past, present and future students and current coaches combined to earn those 108 medals, which included 35 golds. Pac-12 medals came in 18 different sports and the Conference’s podium finishers represented 12 different National Olympic Committees. 

In sortable columns below the medal count and medal standings are the Pac-12 athletes and coaches who built on the Conference's unparalleled Olympic history in Japan. For individuals denoted with an asterisk, notes are included at the bottom of the page.

Last updated April 27 at 9:32 a.m. PT.

Pac-12 Medal Count

Gold Silver Bronze Total
35 39 34 108

Olympic Medal Standings

Rank Country Gold Silver Bronze Total
1 39 41 33 113
2 38 32 18 88
3 20 28 23 71
4 22 21 22 65
5 17 22 21 60
6 27 14 17 58
7 17 7 22 46
8 10 10 20 40
9 10 11 16 37
10 10 12 14 36
For the medal standings, individual medals won by Pac-12 athletes as part of the same relay, boat or team count as one collective medal.

Pac-12 Tokyo Olympians

Name School Country Sport Gender Event(s) Medals
Abdi Abdirahman Marathon M    
Ali Aguilar Softball W  
Foluke Akinradewo Volleyball W  
Devon Allen Track & Field M 110m Hurdles  
Valarie Allman Track & Field W Discus
Promise Amukamara Basketball W    
Haley Anderson Swimming W 10k  
Shae Anderson Track & Field (Alternate) W 4x400m Mixed Relay  
Anika Apostalon Swimming W 4x100 Free Relay  
Valerie Arioto Softball W  
Gavin Arroyo Water Polo (Asst. Coach) M    
Jarod Arroyo Swimming M 200 IM
400 IM
Stephanie Au Swimming W 100 Back  
Danny Barrett Rugby M    
Izzi Batt-Doyle Track & Field W 5,000m  
Aron Baynes Basketball M  
Chris Benard Track & Field M Triple Jump  
Joelle Bekhazi Water Polo W    
Rai Benjamin* Track & Field M 400m Hurdles
4x400m Relay
4x400m Relay
400m Hurdles
Laura Berg Softball (Asst. Coach) W    
Jeremy Bleich Baseball M    
Chase Bloch Swimming (Head Coach) M/W    
Richard Bohus Swimming M 100 Back  
Tri Bourne Beach Volleyball M    
Alex Bowen Water Polo M    
Bob Bowman Swimming (Asst. Coach) M/W    
Jennifer Brady Tennis W Singles  
Chloe Brew Rowing W Eight  
Brandon Briones Gymnastics (Alternate) M    
Amelia Brodka Skateboarding W Park  
Aaron Brown* Track & Field M 200m
4x100m Relay
4x100m Relay
Hannah Buckling Water Polo W    
Saskia Budgett Rowing (Alternate) W    
Shane Cadogan Swimming M 50 Free  
Jane Campbell* Soccer W  
Mike Candrea Softball (Special Advisor) W    
Ally Carda Softball W  
Jade Carey Gymnastics W   Floor Exercise
Dylan Carter Swimming M 50 Free
100 Free
100 Back
100 Fly
Paul Casey Golf M    
Maite Cazorla Basketball W    
Matthew Centrowitz Track & Field M 1,500m  
Tiffany Chan Golf W    
Kendall Chase Rowing W Four  
Camille Cheng Swimming W 4x100 Free Relay
4x200 Free Relay
Eden Cheng Diving W 10m Synchronized  
Jordan Chiles Gymnastics W   Team
Micah Christenson Volleyball M    
Carlota Ciganda Golf W    
Kelly Claes Beach Volleyball W    
Jack Cleary Rowing M Quadruple Sculls
Daisy Cleverley Soccer W    
Emma Coburn Track & Field W 3,000m Steeplechase  
Anna Cockrell Track & Field W 400m Hurdles  
Nathaniel Coleman Sport Climbing M   Combined
Santo Condorelli Swimming M 50 Free
100 Fly
4x100 Free Relay
4x100 Free Relay
Kyra Constantine Track & Field W 400m
4x400m Relay
Val Constien Track & Field W 3,000m Steeplechase  
Kate Courtney Cycling W Mountain Bike  
Elise Cranny Track & Field W 5,000m  
Will Crothers Rowing M Four  
Luca Cupido Water Polo M    
Abby Dahlkemper Soccer W  
Hannes Daube Water Polo M    
Tierna Davidson Soccer W  
Ben Davison Rowing M Eight  
Angus Dawson Rowing M Eight  
Jacob Dawson Rowing M Eight
Noelani Day Swimming W 50 Free  
Andre De Grasse* Track & Field M 100m
4x100m Relay
4x100m Relay
Anicka Delgado Swimming W 50 Free
100 Free
Joel Dennerley Water Polo M    
Amar Dhesi Wrestling M 125 kg  
Gennaro di Mauro Rowing M Single Sculls  
Flora Duffy Triathlon W  
Angela Dugalic Basketball W    
Dwight Dumais* Diving (Coach) W    
David Durden Swimming (Head Coach) M    
Kara Eaker Gymnastics (Alternate) W    
Jacinta Edmunds Rowing (Alternate) W    
Blake Edwards Water Polo M    
Lachlan Edwards Water Polo M    
Ivy Elling Quaintance Rowing (Alternate) W    
Kendall Ellis Track & Field W 4x400m Relay
4x400m Mixed Relay
4x400m Relay
4x400m Mixed Relay
Malindi Elmore Marathon W    
Nate Engel* Wrestling (Personal Coach) W    
Sue Enquist Volleyball (Consultant) W    
Dallas Escobedo Softball W    
Anni Espar Water Polo W  
Robert Farah Tennis M Doubles  
Yasmin Farooq Rowing (Support Coach) W    
Rachel Fattal Water Polo W  
Allyson Felix Track & Field W 400m
4x400m Relay
4x400m Relay
Nirra Fields Basketball W    
Eric Filia Baseball M  
Caileigh Filmer Rowing W Pair
Aria Fischer Water Polo W  
Makenzie Fischer Water Polo W  
Grant Fisher Track & Field M 5,000m
Jessie Fleming Soccer W  
Hali Flickinger* Swimming W 200 Fly
400 IM
200 Fly
400 IM
Hannah Flippen Softball (Alternate) W    
Tairia Flowers Softball (Asst. Coach) W    
Brooke Forde Swimming W 4x200 Free Relay
Danusia Francis Gymnastics W    
Matt Fuerbringer Volleyball (Asst. Coach) M    
Tynia Gaither Track & Field W 100m
Fiona Gammond Rowing W Eight  
Marina Garcia Swimming W 200 Breast  
Rachel Garcia Softball W  
English Gardner Track & Field W 4x100m Relay
Kim Gaucher Basketball W    
Kostas Genidounias Water Polo M  
Jake Gibb Beach Volleyball M    
Ali Gibson Basketball W    
Kaleigh Gilchrist Water Polo W  
Cravon Gillespie Track & Field M 4x100m Relay  
Marcos Giron Tennis M    
Thom Glielmi Gymnastics (Head Coach) M    
Robert Glinta Swimming M 100 Back  
Hugo González Swimming M 100 Back
200 IM
Kirstyn Goodger* Rowing (Alternate) W Eight  
Chelsea Gonzales Softball W    
Ida Gørtz Jacobsen Rowing W Four  
Tina Graudina Beach Volleyball W    
Stephanie Grauer Rowing W Four  
Josh Green Basketball M  
Katelin Guregian Rowing W Eight  
Sondre Guttormsen* Track & Field M Pole Vault  
Austin Hack Rowing M Eight  
Bronte Halligan Water Polo W    
Ben Hallock Water Polo M    
Robin Hanson Swimming M 100 Free
200 Free
Louise Hansson Swimming W 100 Back
100 Fly
4x100 Free Relay
4x100 Medley Relay
Stephania Haralabidis Water Polo W  
Nicole Hare Rowing W Four  
Betsy Hassett Soccer W    
Paige Hauschild Water Polo W  
Victoria Hayward Softball W  
Adrian Hegyvary Cycling M Track  
Anna Heller Swimming (Coach) M/W    
Cole Hocker Track & Field M 1,500m  
Jrue Holiday Basketball M  
Drew Holland Water Polo M    
Johnny Hooper Water Polo M    
Katinka Hosszu Swimming W 200 Back
200 Fly
200 IM
400 IM
4x200 Free Relay
Karissa Hovinga Softball (Alternate) W    
Erin Huck Cycling W Mountain Bike  
Jessica Hull Track & Field W 1,500m  
Charlie Hunter Track & Field M 800m  
Maarten Hurkmans Rowing M Eight  
Torri Huske Swimming W 100 Fly
4x100 Medley Relay
Mixed 4x100 Medley Relay
4x100 Medley Relay
Ify Ibekwe Basketball W    
Emmanuel Ihemeje Track & Field M Triple Jump  
Anna Illes Water Polo W  
Max Irving Water Polo M    
Valentina Iseppi Rowing W Quadruple Sculls  
Amalie Iuel Track & Field W 400m Hurdles  
Marie Jacquet Rowing W Quadruple Sculls  
David Jessen Gymnastics M    
Isaiah Jewett Track & Field M 800m  
Andre Jin Coquillard Rugby M    
Victor Johansson Swimming M 800 Free
1,500 Free
Robyne Johnson Track & Field (Asst. Coach) W Jumps/Combined  
Kitty Lynn Joustra Water Polo W    
Marlene Kahler Swimming W 400 Free
800 Free
1,500 Free
Megan Kalmoe Rowing W Pair  
Arsalan Kazemi Basketball M    
Tilly Kearns Water Polo W    
Steve Kerr Basketball (Asst. Coach) M    
Ian Kinsler* Baseball M    
Karch Kiraly Volleyball (Head Coach) W    
Joe Klecker Track & Field M 10,000m  
Alix Klineman Beach Volleyball W  
Kara Kohler Rowing W Single Sculls  
Vivian Kong Fencing W Épée  
Aneta Konieczek Track & Field W 3,000m Steeplechase  
Laurel Korholz Rowing (Asst. Coach) W    
Giulia Koutsoyanopulos Softball W    
Adam Krikorian Water Polo (Head Coach) W    
Nikhil Kumar Table Tennis M    
Alexis Lagan Shooting W 10m Air Pistol
25m Pistol
Zach LaVine Basketball M  
Danielle Lawrie Softball W  
Katie Ledecky Swimming W 200 Free
400 Free
800 Free
1,500 Free
4x200 Free Relay
800 Free
1,500 Free
400 Free
4x200 Free Relay
Mackenzie Little Track & Field W Javelin  
Amanda Longan Water Polo W  
Andrew Lorraine Baseball (Pitching Coach) M    
Grace Luczak Rowing W Four  
Adrienne Lyle Equestrian W Dressage Dressage Team
Catarina Macario* Soccer W  
Martin Mackovic Rowing M Pair  
Ollie Maclean Rowing (Alternate) M    
Evangelos Makrygiannis Swimming M 4x100 Medley Relay (Back)  
Emma Malabuyo Gymnastics (Alternate) W    
Brody Malone Gymnastics M    
Nico Mannion Basketball M    
Michiel Mantel Rowing (Alternate) M    
Simone Manuel Swimming W 50 Free
4x100 Free Relay
4x100 Free Relay
Leon Marchand Swimming M 200 Fly
200 IM
400 IM
Amy-Eloise Markovc Track & Field W 5,000m  
Alexander Massialas Fencing M Foil Team
Harrison Maurus Weightlifting M 81kg  
Conlin McCabe Rowing M Pair  
Grace McCallum Gymnastics W   Team
Scott McGough Baseball M  
Kelly McKee Water Polo W    
Teri McKeever Swimming (Asst. Coach) M/W    
Rowan McKellar Rowing W Four  
Hayley McKelvey Water Polo W    
Ben McLachlan Tennis M Doubles  
Katie McLaughlin Swimming W 4x200 Free Relay
Taylor McQuillin Softball W    
Greg Meehan Swimming (Head Coach) W    
Bryce Mefford Swimming M 200 Back  
Maud Megens Water Polo W    
Ous Mellouli Swimming M 10k  
Alberto Mestre Swimming M 50 Free  
Chimezie Metu Basketball M    
Sam Mewis Soccer W  
Teagan Micah Soccer W    
Claire Michel Triathlon W    
Lena Mihailovic Water Polo W    
Nikola Miljenic Swimming M 50 Free
100 Free
100 Fly
Akash Modi Gymnastics (Alternate) M    
Andrei Minakov Swimming M 100 Free
100 Fly
Leilani Mitchell Basketball W    
Tamari Miyashiro Volleyball (Asst. Coach) W    
Giula Molinaro Golf W    
Brooke Mooney Rowing W Eight  
Brooklyn Moors Gymnastics W    
Alex Morgan Soccer W  
Amelie Morgan* Gymnastics W   Team
Collin Morikawa Golf M    
Brock Motum Basketball (Alternate) M    
Vladimir Morozov Swimming M 50 Free  
Garrett Muagututia Volleyball M    
Dalilah Muhammad Track & Field W 400m Hurdles
4x400m Relay
4x400m Relay
400m Hurdles
Dejah Mulipola Softball W  
Luke Muller Sailing M Finn  
Azahara Munoz Golf W    
Andi Murez Swimming W 50 Free
100 Free
200 Free
Ryan Murphy Swimming M 100 Back
200 Back
4x100 Medley Relay
200 Back
100 Back
Maddie Musselman Water Polo W  
Daniel Namir Swimming M 4x200 Free Relay  
Nayel Nassar Equestrian M Team Show Jumping  
Christabel Nettey Track & Field W Long Jump  
Jamie Neushul* Water Polo W  
Bubba Nickles Softball W  
Anna Nordqvist Golf W    
Michael Norman Track & Field M 400m
4x400m Relay
4x400m Relay
Atonye Nyingifa Basketball W    
Alex Obert* Water Polo M    
Chris Oeding Water Polo (Asst. Coach) W    
Kelley O'Hara Soccer W  
Amy Okonkwo* Basketball W    
KZ Okpala Basketball M    
Anna Olasz Swimming W 10k  
Giuliana Olmos Tennis W Doubles  
Chiara Ondoli Rowing W Double Sculls  
Farida Osman Swimming W 100 Fly  
Danielle O'Toole Softball W    
Bianca Pagdanganan Golf W    
Karolina Pahlitzsch Track & Field W 400m Hurdles  
Sashel Palacios Softball W    
C.T. Pan Golf M  
Felicity Passon Swimming W 100 Back
200 Back
Kindred Paul Water Polo W    
Sydney Payne Rowing W Eight
Morgan Pearson Triathlon M   Mixed Relay
Shaina Pellington Basketball W    
Mark Perry* Wrestling (Personal Coach) W    
Gabbie Plain Softball W    
Kelsey Plum Basketball W 3x3
Kathryn Plummer Volleyball (Alternate) W    
Ron Polonsky Swimming M 200 IM  
Maria Polyakova Diving W 3m Springboard  
Nick Ponzio Track & Field M Shot Put  
Rosemary Popa Rowing W Four
Sophia Popov Golf W    
Jenna Prandini Track & Field W 100m
4x100m Relay
4x100m Relay
Christen Press Soccer W  
Ting Wen Quah Swimming W 50 Free
100 Free
Zheng Wen Quah Swimming M 100 Back
100 Fly
200 Fly
Rafael Quintero Diving M 10m Platform  
Ema Rajic Swimming W 50 Free
100 Breast
Janie Reed Softball W  
Ali Riley Soccer W    
Jacob Riley* Marathon M    
Edgar Rivera-Morales Track & Field M High Jump  
Gustavo Rocha Beach Volleyball (Head Coach) W    
Meleni Rodney Track & Field W 400m  
Camryn Rogers Track & Field W Hammer  
Raevyn Rogers Track & Field W 800m
Jean-Julien Rojer Tennis M Doubles  
Lisa Roman Rowing W Eight
April Ross Beach Volleyball W  
Taylor Ruck Swimming W 100 Back
200 Back
4x100 Free Relay
4x100 Free Relay
4x100 Medley Relay
Galen Rupp Marathon M    
Alie Rusher Rowing W Quadruple Sculls  
Rory Sabbatini Golf M  
Jenn Salling Softball W  
Alexei Sancov Swimming M 200 Free  
Allison Schmitt* Swimming W 200 Free
4x100 Free Relay
4x200 Free Relay
4x200 Free Relay
4x100 Free Relay
Delaney Schnell Diving W 10m Synchronized
10m Platform
10m Synchronized
Lindi Schroeder Synchronized Swimming W Duet  
Bram Schwarz Rowing M Eight  
Jamie Scott Basketball (Alternate) W    
Björn Seeliger Swimming M 50 Free  
Melissa Seidemann Water Polo W  
Andrew Seliskar Swimming M 4x200 Free Relay  
Corben Sharrah Cycling M BMX Racing  
Ena Shibahara Tennis W Doubles  
Tom Shields Swimming M 100 Fly
4x100 Medley Relay
4x100 Medley Relay
Erik Shoji Volleyball M    
Kawika Shoji Volleyball M    
Stuart Sim Rowing M Eight  
MyKayla Skinner Gymnastics W   Vault
Alanna Smith Basketball W    
Regan Smith Swimming W 100 Back
200 Fly
200 Fly
4x100 Medley Relay
100 Back
Gurpreet Sohi Water Polo W    
Steven Solomon Track & Field M 400m  
Delaney Spaulding Softball W  
John Speraw Volleyball (Head Coach) M    
Sarah Sponcil Beach Volleyball W    
Phoebe Spoors* Rowing (Alternate) W Eight  
Mitch Stahl Volleyball M    
Katerina Stefanidi Track & Field W Pole Vault  
Maggie Steffens Water Polo W  
Tarni Stepto Softball W    
Erik Sullivan Volleyball (Team Manager) M    
Joachim Sutton Rowing M Pair
Sze En Tan Gymnastics W    
Brad Tandy Swimming M 50 Free  
Sam Tanner Track & Field M 1,500  
Heather Tarr Softball (Asst. Coach) W    
Roser Tarrago Water Polo W  
Patty Tavatanakit Golf W    
Fanny Teijonsalo Swimming W 50 Free
100 Free
Jessica Thoennes Rowing W Eight  
Brett Thompson Rugby M    
Matisse Thybulle Basketball M  
Veronica Toro Arana* Rowing W Single Sculls  
Yacov Toumarkin Swimming M 100 Back
200 Back
Gia Trevisan Track & Field W 4x400m Relay  
Sandra Uptagrafft Shooting W 10m Air Pistol
25m Pistol
Mariajo Uribe Golf W    
Anissa Urtez Softball W    
Simon van Dorp Rowing M Eight  
Jorinde van Klinken Track & Field W Discus  
Niki van Sprang Rowing M Pair  
Albane Valenzuela Golf W    
Marko Vavic Water Polo M    
Julian Venonsky Rowing M Eight  
Ben Wanger* Baseball M    
Sage Watson Track & Field W 400m Hurdles
4x400m Relay
Rowie Webster Water Polo W    
Jerry Weinstein Baseball (Asst. Coach) M    
Jillian Weir Track & Field W Hammer  
Zack Weiss Baseball M    
Abbey Weitzeil Swimming W 50 Free
100 Free
4x100 Free Relay
4x100 Medley Relay
4x100 Medley Relay
4x100 Free Relay
Katarzyna Wilk-Wasick Swimming W 50 Free
4x100 Free Relay
Alys Williams Water Polo W  
Micah Williams Track & Field M 4x100m Relay  
Alicia Wilson Swimming W 200 IM  
Alex Wolf Water Polo M    
Dylan Woodhead Water Polo M    
Gianna Woodruff* Track & Field W 400m Hurdles  
Emma Wright Water Polo W    
Nicole Yeargin Track & Field W 400m
4x400m Relay
Carl Yuan Golf M    
Lily Zhang Table Tennis W    



In effort to provide added flexibility to nations competing in the Tokyo 2020 field hockey, team handball, rugby, soccer and water polo competitions, the IOC and respective international federations announced new policies for athletes registered as alternates in their sport. For the Tokyo Games, accredited alternate athletes in those sports were immediately eligible to be called into gameday rosters and, in that case, became Olympians. Jane Campbell, Catarina Macario and Jamie Neushul fell into this category. Originally denoted as alternate athletes prior to the Games, Campbell, Macario and Neushul were each called into the gameday rosters for their teams on Saturday, July 24 and officially added three Olympians to the Pac-12 total in Tokyo.

Rai Benjamin began his career at UCLA and represented the Bruins for two seasons in 2016 and 2017 before transferring to USC, where he competed in 2018 before turning pro. He won Pac-12 400-meter hurdle titles in both 2017 and 2018 and was the NCAA champion in the event in 2018. For the purpose of this listing, he is included in the total for USC, from which he received his degree in political science in 2019.

The Canadian men's 4x100m relay team featuring Aaron Brown and Andre De Grasse, initially bronze medalists, was upgraded to silver in April 2022 as Great Britain, which placed second, was told to return its medals following sprinter CJ Ujah's doping violation.

Dwight Dumais currently leads the diving program at Arizona. He was a five-time All-American at Stanford, where he won 1M Pac-10 Championships in 2007 and 2009 and was named 2006 Pac-10 Newcomer of the Year. For the purpose of this listing, and because of his work with 2020 Olympian and Wildcat Delaney Schnell, he is included in the total for Arizona.

Oregon State assistant wrestling coach Nate Engel will serve as a personal coach for Olympian Adeline Gray as part of the USA Wrestling delegation. Gray, who wrestles freestyle at 76kg, is ranked No. 1 in the world and a five-time world champion.

Hali Flickinger and Allison Schmitt, who competed collegiately at Georgia, are currently volunteer assistant swimming coaches at Arizona State.

Washington's Kirstyn Goodger and Phoebe Spoors were initially named to New Zealand's Olympic roster on June 11. Prior to competing in Tokyo, they were replaced in the eight by New Zealand pair rowers Kerri Gowler and Grace Prendergast.

Sondre Guttormsen competed in eight meets as a freshman at UCLA in 2019, won the Pac-12 pole vault title and was both an indoor and outdoor second-team All-American. He did not compete for the Bruins in 2020 and has since transferred to Princeton. He did not compete for the Tigers in 2021 due to COVID-19. 

Ian Kinsler was on the Arizona State roster for one season and appeared in 29 games in 2002 before transferring to Missouri.

Amelie Morgan earned a bronze medal in the women's team competition with Great Britain on July 27. On August 6, she signed her National Letter of Intent to join the gymnastics program at Utah.

Alex Obert played collegiately at Pacific from 2011-15 and was a three-time All-American. He is currently pursuing his MBA at Arizona's Eller College of Management. 

Amy Okonkwo competed in 27 games as a true freshman at USC in 2014-15 before transferring to TCU.

Arizona State volunteer assistant wrestling coach Mark Perry will serve as a personal coach for 2016 Olympic gold medalist Helen Maroulis (53kg) and Kayla Miracle (62kg) as part of the USA Wrestling delegation.

Jacob Riley was an eight-time All-American in cross country and track at Stanford, where he earned a bachelor's degree in biomedical engineering in 2012. He earned his master's in mechanical engineering from Colorado in 2021.

Veronica Toro Arana competed collegiately for MIT where she obtained her bachelor's in biological engineering in 2016. She is currently studying at Stanford's School of Medicine to become a pediatric cardiothoracic surgeon.

Ben Wanger completed his undergraduate career at Yale in 2019 and appeared in 13 games as a graduate transfer at USC in 2020. After earning his master’s degree in entrepreneurship and innovation from USC, he elected to utilize the extra year for student-athletes provided by the NCAA in light of the COVID-19 pandemic and transferred to Miami for his final season of eligibility in 2021.

Gianna Woodruff received her bachelor's degree in sociology from Washington and was a two-time, second-team All-American in the 400m hurdles as a junior and senior in 2014 and 2015. She is currently pursuing her master's in social work at USC.