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Health & Well-Being Initiative

Data Requests

Thank you for your interest in obtaining data from the Pac-12 Sports Injury Research Archive (SIRA). These data are available to Pac-12 affiliated investigators for research projects, pending the submission and approval of the data request application as outlined below.

Note: please consider local IRB processes for your research project prior to submitting your data request.

  1. Complete the Pac-12 Health Analytics Program (HAP) SIRA Request Application, available here (click to access).
  2. Once your application is submitted, the Pac-12 Data Use Administrator will review the submission and contact the Principal Investigator (PI) with any questions.
  3. The Pac-12 Data Use Administrator will forward the finalized application to the Pac-12 HAP EMR Project Manager, who will contact the PI to finalize the specific data elements for the research project.
  4. Once all specific data elements are identified, a Data Use Agreement (DUA) will be processed between the PI’s institution and the Pac-12 Conference.
    1. Please note, IRB information must be provided to the Pac-12 Data Use Administrator before any data will be provided.
  5. Once the DUA is finalized, and all IRB information is obtained, the Pac-12 HAP EMR Project Manager will provide requested data to the appropriate SIRA Campus Administrator using the SIRA’s secure cloud-based file sharing system.