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Health & Well-Being Initiative

Pac-12 Research Grants Program

As a key pillar of the Pac-12 SAHWBI, the Pac-12 Grant Program offers research funding to support the advancement of Pac-12 student-athlete health and well-being and has made it a priority to research and develop best practices for general improvements in these areas.

The Pac-12 Conference has committed approximately $3,500,000 per year in research grants for projects at Pac-12 institutions designed to improve the health, general well-being, and safety of student-athletes at all Conference member universities. Partners who are interested in collaborating in Pac-12 supported research projects should contact university staff directly or the Pac-12 Conference to find possible research partners. Specific topics of interest to Pac-12 member institutions include:

  • Head Trauma
  • Prevention of Sudden Death (Cardiac, Temperature Matters, Hydration)
  • Overuse Injuries / Injury Prevention
  • Emergency Care - Planning / Prevention of Emergent Medical Events
  • Student-Athlete Well Being (Sleep, Nutrition, Mental Health)
  • Data Driven Decisions (Use of Pac-12 Health Analytics Program - HAP) such as expansion of Presagia platform (e.g. software development) or sports injury epidemiology.

Research Grant Awardee Accomplishments & Publications

Since its inception, awardees of the Pac-12 Research Grant Program have seen a long list of accomplishments and publications for their work funded by the Pac-12 SAHWBI. To see a full list of accomplishments & publications by topic of research, see here:

Prior Grant Awardees

PI: Dr. Andrew Lovering – University of Oregon
Co-PI: Dr. Hans Haverkamp – Washington State University
University of Oregon
PI: The Student Athlete Health and Well-Being Initiative Board and the Pac-12 Mental Health Task Force
Project Director: Dr. Daniel Taylor, Project Team: Dr. Alex Auerbach, Dr. Michael Grandner & Dr. John Ruiz
University of Arizona
Co PIs: Dr. Mark D’Esposito (CAL) and Dr. Cathra Halabi (UCSF)
Co-PIs: Dr. Ben Inglis (UCSF) and Dr. Wade Smith (UCSF)
University of California, Berkeley collaborating with University of California, San Francisco
PI: Dr. Cathleen Crowell
Co-PI: Dr. Viktor Bovbjerg
Oregon State University
PI: Dr. Daniel Cushman
Co-PIs: Dr. Masa Teramoto (Utah), Dr. David Petron (Utah), Dr. Amy Powell (Utah), Dr. Sarah Eby (Utah), Dr. Justin Rigby (Utah), Dr. Michael Fredericson (Stanford), Dr. Blake Corcoran (WSU) and Dr. Leyen Vu (WSU)
University of Utah collaborating with Stanford University and Washington State University
PI: Dr. Michael Fredericson (Stanford) and Dr. Aurelia Nattiv (University of California, Los Angeles)
Stanford University & University of California, Los Angeles
PI: Dr. Theresa Hernandez
Co-PI: Dr. Adam Bohr
University of Colorado, Boulder
PI: Dr. Christopher Yakacki
Co-PIs: Dr. Peter Jenkins, Dr. R. Dana Carpenter, Dr. Kai Yu, Dr. Sourav Poddar
University of Colorado, Boulder & Denver
PIs: Dr. Angela Lumba-Brown
Co-PIs: Dr. Jamshid Ghajar (Stanford), Dr. Masa Teramoto (Utah), Dr. Matthew McQueen (Colorado), Dr. Douglas Aukerman (OSU), Dr. Kimberly Harmon (UW), Dr. David Petron (Utah), Dr. Sourav Poddar (Colorado) and Russ Romano (USC)
Stanford University collaborating with the University of Colorado, Oregon State University, University of Southern California, University of Utah and University of Washington
PI: Dr. Lori Michener
Co-PIs: Dr. Andrew Karduna (UO) and Dr. Roksana Karim (USC)
University of Southern California collaborating with the University of Oregon and University of California, Los Angeles
PI: Dr. Peter Fino and Dr. Lee Dibble
Co-PIs: Dr. Daniel Cushman, Dr. Nicholas Monson, Dr. Angela Presson
University of Utah
PIs: Dr. James Martin
University of Utah
PIs: Dr. Christopher Barry
Co-PIs: Dr. Kelli Moran-Miller (Stanford)
Washington State University collaborating with Arizona State University, University of California, Berkeley, Oregon State University, Stanford University, University of California, Los Angeles, University of Southern California, University of Utah, University of Washington
PI: Dr. Kenneth Hunt
University of Colorado, Boulder
PI: Dr. David Camarillo
Co-PIs: Dr. Gerald Grant (Stanford), Dr. Michael Zeineh (Stanford), Dr. Charles Liu (USC)
Stanford University collaborating with University of Southern California
PIs: Dr. Kim Harmon, Dr. Emily Kroshus and Dr. Sara Chrisman
Co-PI: Dr. Ann Glang (UO)
University of Washington collaborating with Seattle Children's Research Institute, University of Oregon and University of Colorado, Boulder
PI: Dr. Marc Norcross
Co-PIs: Dr. Samuel Johnson (OSU) and Dr. Christopher Scaffidi (OSU)
Oregon State University collaborating with Stanford University, University of California, Los Angeles and University of Washington
PI: Dr. Andrew Anderson
Co-PIs: Dr. Ken "Bo" Foreman, Dr. Stepehen Aoki and Dr. Travis Maak
University of Utah
PIs: Taylor Ricci and Nathan Braaten
Oregon State University
PI: Dr. George Brooks
Co-PI: Dr. Daniela Kaufer
University of California, Berkeley
PI: Dr. Michael Hahn
Co-PIs: Dr. Scott Delp (Stanford), Dr. Rodger Kram (CU), Dr. Alena Grabowski (CU), Dr. Jill McNitt-Gray (USC), Dr. Lorraine Turcotte (USC), Dr. Brent Liu (USC), Dr. Kormelia Kulig (USC)
University of Oregon collaborating with University of Colorado, University of Southern California & Stanford University
PI: Dr. Christopher Kweon
Co-PIs: Dr. Albert Gee & Dr. Scott Telfer
University of Washington
PI: Dr. Doug Aukerman and the Pac-12 Brain Trauma Task Force
The Pac-12 Concussion Coordinating Unit - Project Director: Dr. Matthew McQueen, Project Team: Dr. Theresa Hernandez & Dr. Adam Bohr
University of Colorado
PI: Dr. William Byrnes
Co-PIs: Dr. Theresa Hernandez & Dr. Ken Wright
University of Colorado
PIs: Dr. Kim Harmon & Dr. Emily Kroshus
Co-PIs: Dr. Sara Chrisman (UW) & Dr. Ann Glang (UO)
University of Washington collaborating with University of Oregon
PI: Dr. Michael Fredericson
Co-PI: Dr. Aurelia Nattiv (UCLA)
Stanford University collaborating with University of California, Los Angeles
PI: Dr. Kim Harmon
Co-PIs: Dr. Jonathan Drezner, Dr. David Owens & Dr. Jordan Prutkin
University of Washington collaborating with all Pac-12 schools
PI: Dr. Craig Heller
Co-PI: Dr. Dennis Grahn
Stanford University
PI: Dr. Deborah Yurgelun-Tood
Co-PIs: Dr. Charlie Hicks-Little, Dr. Perry Renshaw, Dr. Erin McGlade & Dr. Andrew Prescot
University of Utah
PI: Dr. Marc Norcross
Co-PIs: Dr. Samuel Johnson & Dr. Viktor Bovbjerg
Oregon State University

Pac-12 Research Grant Reviewers

The Pac-12 would like to thank all Student-Athlete Health and Well-Being Grant Program reviewers for their commitment of time and expertise. Their invaluable input contributes to ensuring funded projects meet rigorous academic and scientific standards. This results in developing best practices that are conducive to improvements in high priority areas for the Pac-12 in benefit of student-athletes.

Below is a complete list of Pac-12 Research Grant reviewers:

Dr. Jake Abbott Dr. Fernando Gomez-Pinilla Dr. Sakiko Oyama
Dr. Venu Akuthota Dr. Daniel Gould Diana Padilla
Dr. Anna Alkozei Dr. Scott Grafton Dr. William Parham
Dr. Yoshimi Anzai Dr. Patrick Greis Anthony Pass
Dr. Liz Applegate Dr. F. Winston Gwathmey Dr. David Peng
Dr. Raphael Arku Dr. Kim Harmon Dr. Frank Petrigliano
Dr. April Armstrong Dr. Josh Hatch Dr. David Petron
Dr. Irf Asif Dr. Sunday Henry Dr. Vaishali Phatak
Dr. Doug Aukerman Dr. Dan Herman Dr. Nicholas Phillips 
Dr. Talin Babikian  Dr. Theresa Hernandez Dr. Leslie Podlog 
Dr. Ashwin Babu Dr. Charlie Hicks-Little Dr. Whitney Pope
Dr. Jimmy Bagley Dr. Kasee Hildenbrand Dr. Hollis Potter
Dr. Jennifer Baine Dr. Mark Hoffman Dr. Christopher Powers
Dr. David Baron Marissa Holliday Dr. Mayumi Prins
Stephen Bartlinski Dr. Lindsay Huston Dr. Amanda Rabinowitz
Josh Beaumont Dr. Calvin Eric Hwang Dr. Russ Richardson
Dr. Bryan Bergman Dr. Franco Impellizzeri Kevin Robell
Dr. George Brooks Dr. Sara Johnson Russ Romano
Dr. Angela Bryan  Dr. Andrew Karduna  Dr. Karen Roos
Dr. Joan Casey Dr. Steven Kautz Dr. Ali Rowhani-Rahbar
Dr. Carl Castro Dr. Zachary Kerr Dr. Darren Ruddell
Dr. Robert Catena Lucas Klawiter Miguel Rueda
Dr. Laurence Chalip Dr. Anthony Kline Dr. Jonathan Rylander
Dr. Cindy Chang Dr. Thomas “Tad” Kremen Dr. Michael Schubert
Dr. Anikar Chhabra Dr. Shanyn Lancaster Dr. Kevin Shannon
Dr. Li-Shan Chou Dr. Enette Larson-Meyer Dr. Amy Silder
Dr. Constance Chu Dr. Michael Leiter Dr. Greg Skaggs
Dr. Jay Clugston Dr. Alan Light Dr. Robert Spencer
Dr. Randy Cohen Dr. David Lin Dr. Jesse Steinfeldt
Doug Contaoi Dr. Fred Lin Dr. Kelley Strohacker
Dr. Steve Corman Dr. Sylvia Lucas Dr. Jean Yuh Tang
Ryan Crews Sarah Lyons Dr. Phiroz Tarpore
Dr. C. Munro Cullum Dr. Bruce MacWilliams Fred Tedeschi
Dr. Craig Davidson Dr. David McAllister Dr. Jeff Temple
Dr. Craig Denegar  Joe McBeth Dr. Masa Teramoto
Laura Dixon Dr. Eric McCarty  Kim Terrell
Dr. Tom Dompier Kenny McCarty Dr. Jakob Tholander
Dr. Jason Dragoo Dr. Roger McCoy Dr. Ed Tingstad
Dr. R. J. Elbin Dr. Erica McKenzie Dr. Sarah Ulrich-French
Dr. Brian Feeley Dr. Tamara McLeod Dr. Evan Unger
Dr. Jonathan Finnoff Chris Melton Jeremy Vail
Dr. Dena Florczyk Dr. John Mercer Dr. Karin VanBaak
Dr. Jason Ford Dr. John Meyer Dr. Anita Vasavada
Julia Ford Dr. Barry Miller Dr. Daniel Vigil
Dr. Marcos Frank Dr. David Millward Dr. Stella Volpe
Dr. Glenn Gaesser Dr. Richard Mink Dr. Jeff Weiss
Dr. Seth Gamradt Dr. Lynn Nadel Dr. Robert Weiss
Dr. Craig Garrison Dr. Marc Norcross Dr. Stuart Willick
Dr. Scott Gayzik Dan Nordquist Dr. Antonia Zaferiou
Dr. Kate Geiger Dr. Ruth O'Hara Dr. Jessica (Deneweth) Zendler
Dr. Gary Glover Dr. John O’Kane Dr. Monica Zigman
Dr. Grace Golden Dr. Mark Opp  
Dr. Joshua Goldman Dr. Louis Osternig