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Have no fear, the time has come! It's finally week one of the Pac-12 Networks Football Podcast. Your hosts Mike Yam and Rick Neuheisel are back highlighting week one of the college football season. Plus Neuheisel goes on a crusade to get Yam to take out his earbuds, turn off his iPhone, and actually look people in the eye on his bus ride to work.

The inseparable duo first talk about their time on the road during the Football Training Camp tour, most importantly Coach's obsession incorporating "Yam" into classic tunes such as "Rocket Yam" and "Yam on the Run."

The two start off the football chatter talking about week one's shocking upset: Oregon State's loss to Eastern Washington (4:10). They move on to talk about the pluses and minuses of byes early in the season (11:00), as well as the new freshmen quarterbacks the Pac-12 finally got to see (15:50).

Next, it gets personal when Yam prods Neuheisel about his high school homecoming court failures (21:00).

Then, the two transition to pop culture, getting into a heated discussion about the upcoming season of their favorite television show, Homeland (22:25), as well as debate who introduced the show to whom. Hint: it was Coach.

The pair finally gets back to football and make a case for why there should be a Conference match-up every weekend. What do you think?

Finally, Washington senior quarterback Keith Price (27:10) joins to give his reaction to UW's upset over then No. 19 Boise State to inaugurate the new Husky Stadium.

To close things out, Yam explains why he, Curtis Conway and Coach didn't help Ronnie Lott up after he fell off the set Saturday night (40:38).

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