Spring Football: Sean Mannion, Oregon and Oregon State


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Oregon State Athletics

It's the final week of Pac-12 spring football, so Rick Neuheisel and Mike Yam talk about what to look for in the spring games for Oregon and Oregon State this Saturday on Pac-12 Networks. The duo also welcome OSU quarterback Sean Mannion to the show to share his thoughts on his new quarterback coach John Garrett, which Beavs he thinks look solid going into Saturday's spring game and why he ate Rick's breakfast burrito when the two went out to eat in Manhattan Beach recently.

Don't miss Rick's "Gridiron Lullaby" this week as he shares a priceless story about the time he tried out for the backup quarterback role with the Green Bay Packers and what he did after they told him he wasn't tall enough for the job. Let's just say, "Put it on the Packers' tab," comes into play at the end.

Moments to listen for:

  • 1:30: Mike sets himself up for Rick to slowly give out his phone number over the duration of the podcast.
  • 4:30: Rick recaps his sidelining experience at the UCLA spring game, plus we play his interview with his son, UCLA backup quarterback Jerry Neuheisel. You don't want to miss this father to son chat.
  • 7:30: Mike does a Curtis Conway impression. 
  • 14:00- 23:30: The duo dive into the outlook for Oregon's spring game at 11 a.m. Saturday on Pac-12 Networks. We hear an interview from head coach Mark Helfrich updating the status of the team and Rick expresses his concern over the amount of offensive standouts the Ducks lost last year and why the new, young players on the team are going to be tested early this season.
  • 23:46: "It's not about X's and O's, it's about Jimmies and Joes."
  • 24:50 - 40:30: Rick and Mike tackle the outlook for Oregon State's 1 p.m. spring game Saturday on Pac-12 Networks. We hear from Mike Riley on his confidence in Sean Mannion as the leader and quarterback of the team going into this season. Mannion joins the show to talk about his excitement for an improvement in the Beavers' running game this year, which wide reciever he's most impressed with so far in filling Brandin Cooks' shoes and why it's not his forte to choose uniforms for the team each week. 
  • 42:00 - 52:30: Rick shares his "Gridiron Lullaby" for the week. Green Bay Packers tryout. 1985. Payback. Rick leaves you hanging on your seat. Don't miss out.

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