The time Kevin O'Neill almost tackled the Stanford Tree

On the second edition of the Pac-12 Networks Basketball Podcast, hosts Mike Yam and Kevin O'Neill discuss their random run in at the gym at Coronado Beach, what UCLA needs to do to turn its season around and KO shares some personal stories.

There's never a shortage of entertaining stories from Kevin O'Neill, but this week he brings his "A" game. KO tells us about the time he took on Stanford and was so infuriated he had to do everything he could to restrain himself from tackling the Stanford Tree.

The final 20 minutes of the podcast are dedicated to "The Recruit," a weekly chronological tale of how KO landed Arizona basketball star Matt Muehlebach during his time as an assistant coach at Arizona. This week, both parties share their versions of what exactly went down on the home visit with Lute Olson.

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