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Weekly Challenges to Test Your Knowledge of Pac-12 Sports

Welcome to the Weekly Social Statisfaction Trivia Game

Each week we'll tweet and post a new set of stats. Fans are invited to guess what the stats mean and come here each week to find out the stories behind the numbers.

Sun Devils, Huskies, and Bears

Feb 2-8
This week saw epic clashes in men's and women's basketball, with wrestling, softball and women's gymnastics also in high gear. Who made the cut?

Beavers, Utes, and Men's Hoops

Jan 19-25
Who achieved the most eye-popping stats from men's basketball, women's basketball, women's gymnastics, men's volleyball, and more.

More Pac-12 By The Numbers: The 12 Best

A 12 to 1 countdown of the best plays, athletes, games and moments throughout the Pac-12 sports year.

The 12 Best

From fantastic finishes to incredible plays, from electrifying players to unforgettable games, The 12 Best brings together an expert panel of analysts to sound off as they collectively chart the absolute finest of the Conference of Champions.