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The week in social media photos: Sept. 9-15

Sep 16, 2013

The past week of Pac-12 sports saw trips across the country, broken records and controversial finishes. But, wait, is that Tebow?

More like an awesome Monday!

The Bears could have used this guy on defense Saturday to try to stop the Buckeyes.

Yes, Utah has a very scenic tailgate backdrop, but how was the food?

That is one beautiful helmet.

Intimidation personified.

1,667 and counting

The football players aren’t the only athletes on the field.

Here's guessing the opposing quarterback was not quite as jubilant after the game.

Did they stop for deep dish pizza on the way back?

The Buffs swept Baylor to win the tournament.

Not a bad way to spend a Friday.

The UCLA football team honored Nick Pasquale, the Bruins receiver who died last weekend, with the No. 36 patch.

The tribute spread to the Bruins’ women’s soccer team too.

Nebraskans are a classy bunch. Sign in local convenience stor... on Twitpic

And to the state of Nebraska.

Bruins will honor Nick Pasquale by dressing up his locker pri... on Twitpic