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Pac-12 Impact


Pac-12 Impact

Pac-12 Impact is the social outreach initiative of the Pac-12 Conference. In the pioneering spirit of the West Coast, the Pac-12 is committed to using the power of sport to promote a culture of diversity and inclusion. The Pac-12 is spreading the message of inclusion, celebrating diversity, standing strong against bullying, and fostering fairness and good sportsmanship. 

The Pac-12 and RISE
The Pac-12 Conference has partnered with RISE (, a nonprofit organization dedicated to harnessing the unifying power of sport to advance race relations. RISE has formed an unprecedented alliance of sports leagues and associations, organizations, educators, thought-leaders, media networks, sports professionals, athletes, coaches and others who believe in the power of sport to build a society of understanding, respect and equality. 

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Pac-12 Student-Athlete Advisory Committee 
The Pac-12 Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) is a forum for Pac-12 student-athlete leaders to promote camaraderie and cooperation while fostering a sense of Conference unity and pride. The group is composed of two student-athletes (one male, one female) from each member institution who are chosen by their administrators to represent their campuses. These representatives also serve on their campus SAACs, and Pac-12 SAAC meetings bring together best practices for engaging fellow student-athletes and connecting with their communities.

Each semester, Pac-12 SAAC participates in a group social outreach project focusing on inclusion and opportunity. In the spring of 2019 they cleaned up a park in San Francisco's Bayview District and in January 2019 they built playhouses for Habitat for Humanity in San Francisco.

"Complete" is an initiative that celebrates the complete lives of Pac-12 student-athletes. These student-athletes are known for their success and competitiveness on the field, but their community involvement, off-the-field achievements, and academic interests are just as laudable. Pac-12 student-athletes are are able to harness their athletic ability to augment their lives- not define them. They’re impressive, complicated, real, and complete. More.

Commissioner Scott Receives ADL Americanism Award
Pac-12 Commissioner Larry Scott was awarded the Anti-Defamation League’s Americanism Award for his lifetime commitment to promoting fair play, inclusion, and diversity in sports. “We must continue to use our unique sphere of influence to advocate for fairness, equality, inclusion and respect,” Commissioner Scott said when receiving the award. Read more.

It's On Us Campaign
The Pac-12 Conference and Pac-12 Networks are partners in the sexual assault awareness campaign entitled “It’s On Us.” The campaign is focused on preventing sexual assault by inviting everyone to realize that the solution begins with us. Read More.