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Oregon State's Roberto Nelson off the 'all-beer league team'

Oct 17, 2013

SAN FRANCISCO – If you take a peek at Roberto Nelson these days, he looks like a basketball player, filling out his Beaver uniform in a shapely manner and appearing like he is ready to run fives all day. However, that wasn’t always necessarily the case for the senior guard out of Santa Barbara, Calif.

Sure, Nelson has put up improving numbers in each of his first three years playing for Craig Robinson at Oregon State. His game wasn’t a problem. His fitness, on the other hand, was.

It got to the point where his head coach nominated him for a spot on the "all-beer league team" not because he drank beer, but “because he was in the shape of a guy who would be in a beer league,” Robinson said.


Of course, that’s not a problem anymore. At a slim 198 pounds, Robinson has officially taken Nelson off the beer league team.

“Through all of the hard work with my teammates pushing me, I’m in the best shape of my life,” Nelson said.

Cue this gem of a remark from his coach: “Now instead of a six-pack, he’s got a real six-pack.”