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Stanford Athletics Board Awards

Jul 15, 2016

As of July 20, 2022

Al Masters Award

Name Academic Year
Cary Wendell 1995-96
Kristin Folkl 1997-98
Ogonna Nnamani 2004-05
Kathryn Plummer 2018-19

Presented to the Stanford athlete attaining the highest standards of athletic performance, leadership, and academic achievement (Stanford's highest athletic award).

Conference Athlete of the Year

Name Academic Year
Teresa Smith 1986-87
Wendy Rush 1987-88
Bev Oden 1990-91
Kristin Folkl 1994-95
Kerri Walsh 1996-97
Logan Tom 2001-02
Madi Bugg 2014-15
Morgan Hentz 2017-18

Presented to a Stanford athlete who distinguishes themself in conference competition.

Block S Outstanding Freshman

Name Academic Year
Kristin Klein 1988-89
Bev Oden 1989-90
Cary Wendell 1992-93
Logan Tom 1999-00
Ogonna Nnamani 2001-02
Kristin Richards 2003-04
Bryn Kehoe 2004-05
Foluke Akinradewo 2005-06
Alix Klineman 2007-08
Inky Ajanaku 2012-13
Hayley Hodson 2015-16
Kathryn Plummer 2016-17
Kami Miner 2021-22

Presented to the most outstanding freshman.

Block S Outstanding Sophomore

Name Academic Year
Lisa Sharpley 1995-96
Logan Tom 2000-01
Ogonna Nnamani 2002-03
Kristin Richards 2004-05
Foluke Akinradewo 2006-07
Cynthia Barboza 2006-07
Alix Klineman 2008-09
Carly Wopat 2011-12
Jenna Gray 2017-18
Kathryn Plummer 2017-18

Presented to the most outstanding sophomore.

Block S Outstanding Junior

Name Academic Year
Wendy Rush 1986-87
Kristin Klein 1990-91
Bev Oden 1991-92
Cary Wendell 1994-95
Kristin Folkl 1996-97
Ogonna Nnamani 2003-04
Kristin Richards 2005-06
Foluke Akinradewo 2007-08
Cynthia Barboza 2007-08
Cassidy Lichtman 2009-10
Carly Wopat 2012-13
Inky Ajanaku 2014-15
Jenna Gray 2018-19
Morgan Hentz 2018-19

Presented to the most outstanding junior.

Stanford Athletics Board Award

Name Academic Year
Kristin Klein 1991-92
Bev Oden 1992-93
Kerri Walsh 1999-00
Robyn Lewis 2001-02
Logan Tom 2002-03
Foluke Akinradewo 2008-09
Cynthia Barboza 2008-09
Alix Klineman 2010-11
Inky Ajanaku 2016-17
Jenna Gray 2019-20
Morgan Hentz 2019-20
Kathryn Plummer 2019-20

Presented to the most outstanding female senior.

Pam Strathairn Award

Name Academic Year
Maureen McLaren 1995-96
Bryn Kehoe 2007-08
Carly Wopat 2013-14

Presented to the female senior with the best competitive attitude.

Donald Kennedy Award

Name Academic Year
Tami Alade 2018-19
Morgan Hentz 2019-20
Meghan McClure 2020-21

Presented to the Stanford Senior athlete who best exhibits the combination of excellent academics, strong athletic ability, and a commitment to community service.

Block S Honors Award for Women

Name Academic Year
Stephanie Browne (4.132) 2011-12
Michaela Keefe (4.092) 2019-20

Presented to senior varsity female letterwinner with highest GPA.

Spirit of Stanford  Award

Name Academic Year
Audriana Fitzmorris 2019-20

Presented to a charismatic student-athlete who excels at his or her sport and is an effective leader on and off the field.  Furthermore, this student-athlete is an exemplary teammate, active across campus and in the community, and embraces the values of Stanford University.  This award is given in memory of Frankie Albert '42.

Arthur F. Dauer Award

Name Academic Year
Tami Alade 2017-18

Administered by the Director of Sports Performance, this award honors the student-athlete who not only displays maximum effort on and off the field of competition, but also brings out the best in his/her teammates through positive attitude, relentless work ethic and consistent commitment to performance enhancement.  The award is given in memory of Arthur F. Dauer '59.

Thomas W. Ford Award

Academic Year

Presented to the team whose student-athletes have demonstrated a special commitment to participation in local community outreach programs.

Stanford Athletics Hall of Fame (13)

Name Stanford Class
Kim Oden '86
Wendy Rush '88
Teresa Smith '88
Kristin Klein '92
Bev Oden '93
Cary Wendell '96
Lisa Sharpley '98
Kristin Folkl '98
Kerri Walsh '00
Logan Tom '03
Ogonna Nnamani '05
Foluke Akinradewo '09
Alix Klineman '11