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Pac-12 Conference Statement on Officiating Review of Arizona State-Oregon Game Two-Point Conversion

Nov 20, 2018
In response to media inquiries and misreporting that the two-point conversion in the Arizona State-Oregon game was not reviewed, the Pac-12 wanted to clarify that the play in question was in fact reviewed, as well as to clarify certain aspects of the officiating review process.
Just because an on-field official does not signal a stoppage for an instant replay that does not mean that the play has not been reviewed.  During the course of a game, all plays that are reviewable by rule are reviewed by in-stadium replay officials and Centralized Replay in the conference office. Should the replay official, in communication with Centralized Replay, determine that there is not enough evidence to overturn a call before the next play, then they will not buzz the on-field official to stop for review.
In the case of the Arizona State-Oregon game, because it was a two-point conversion and immediately before kickoff, the replay crew had over one minute to watch this play from multiple angles (in HD) and they concluded that the play would have stood as called on the field, which is why they did not buzz down for stoppage to the game. 
By the NCAA Player Rules, the instant replay process operates under the fundamental assumption that the ruling on the field is correct. The replay official may reverse a ruling if and only if the video evidence convinces him beyond all doubt that the ruling was incorrect. Without such indisputable video evidence, the replay official must allow the ruling to stand.
In regard to the two-point conversion attempt by Arizona State, when the play was over, the replay officials immediately looked at all angles provided by the television feed and determined there was not enough evidence to overturn the call on the field.