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Seven Sun Devil Wrestlers Advance to UWWJ and U23 Quarterfinals

Nov 14, 2020

OMAHA -- After day two of the United World Wrestling Junior and U23 Nationals, seven Sun Devils advance into the quarterfinals and will wrestle on Sunday. Nine wrestlers, including Arizona State alumnus Josh Kramer, combined for an impressive 21 wins on the day. 

Brandon Courtney (57kg), Jacori Teemer (74), Cade Belshay (86), and Kordell Norfleet (92) will be in the U23 quarterfinals while Cleveland Belton (61) and Jesse Vasquez (65) will be competing in the Junior quarterfinals. 

The winners in each weight at the UWW U23 Nationals will secure a bid to the 2021 World Team Trials. The winners in each style of the UWW Junior Nationals will earn a bid to the 2021 World Team Trials and the 2021 Junior World Team Trials, if age eligible.

Fans will have the chance to watch the final day of UWW Junior and U23 Nationals, as it will be streamed live on with live results on FloArena. Coverage on Sunday begins at 8 am MST.

U23 Men's Freestyle Competitors

57 -- Brandon Courtney

Round of 64  – BYE

Round of 32 – Brandon Courtney VSU Gabriel Gray (Texas Panhandle Wrestling Club), 10-0

Round of 16 – Brandon Courtney VPO1 Michael Spangler (Beaver Wrestling Club), 11-6

Quarterfinals (Sunday) – Brandon Courtney vs. Danny Vega (Jackrabbit Wrestling Club)

61 -- Josh Kramer (Alumnus)

Round of 32 – Josh Kramer VSU1 Vincent Foggia (Pennsylvania RTC), 13-2

Round of 16 – Josh Kramer VSU Jack Skudlarczyk (Panther Wrestling Club RTC), 10-0

Quarterfinals (Sunday) – Josh Kramer vs. Mitchell McKee (Gopher Wrestling Club)

70 -- Cory Crooks

Round of 64 – Cory Crooks VPO1 AJ Jaffe (New England Regional Training), 8-4

Round of 32 – Kaleb Young (Hawkeye Wrestling Club) VPO1 Cory Crooks, 7-2

Consolation 32 #2 – Cory Crooks VSU1 Zeth Dean (New England Regional Training), 11-1

Consolation 16 #1 – Cory Crooks VFO Anthony Rink (Gentry Wrestling)

Consolation 16 #2 – Cory Crooks VPO1 Devin Bahr (Wisconsin Regional Training), 5-3

Consolation 8 #1 (Sunday) – Cory Crooks vs. Jonathan Ross (Mat-Town USA)

74 -- Jacori Teemer

Round of 32 – Jacori Teemer VPO1 Jake Wentzel (Pittsburgh Wrestling Club), 6-5

Round of 16 – Jacori Teemer VSU Austin Yant (Panther Wrestling Club RTC), 10-0

Quarterfinals (Sunday) – Jacori Teemer vs. Quentin Perez (Navy-Marine Corps Mat Club)

86 -- Cade Belshay

Round of 32 - Cade Belshay VSU1 Brian Bonino (New York City RTC), 12-1

Round of 16 -  Cade Belshay VSU Ashton Seely (Brunson UVRTC), 10-0

Quarterfinals (Sunday) – Cade Belshay vs. Cameron Caffey (unattached)

92 -- Kordell Norfleet

Round of 32 - BYE

Round of 16 - Kordell Norfleet VSU Donovan Corn (unattached), 10-0

Quarterfinals (Sunday) – Kordell Norfleet vs. Jonathan Aiello (unattached)

UWW Junior Freestyle Competitors

61 -- Cleveland Belton 

Round of 128 - BYE

Round of 64 -  Cleveland Belton VPO1 Carson Taylor (Viking Wrestling Club), 14-8

Round of 32 - Cleveland Belton VSU Dominick Serrano (Unattached), 10-0 

Round of 16 - Cleveland Belton VSU Timothy Decatur-Luker (Unattached), 10-0

Quarterfinals (Sunday) – Cleveland vs. Trey Crawford (Tiger Style Wrestling Club)

65 -- Julian Chlebove

Round of 64 - Julian Chlebove VPO1 Jackson Dean (Pennsylvania RTC), 11-11

Round of 32 - Julian Chlebove VPO1 Danny Fongaro (New York City RTC), 13-7

Round of 16 - Joshua Edmond (Tiger Style Wrestling Club) DEF Julian Chlebove, 14-4 

Consolation 16 #2 - Kyler Romero (unattached) DEF Julian Chlebove, 17-14

65 -- Jesse Vasquez

Round of 64 – Jesse Vasquez VFA Wyatt Turnquist (Wolves Wrestling Club), 4-2

Round of 32 –Jesse Vasquez VSU Daniel Meeker (Dubuque Wrestling Club), 10-0, 0:47

Round of 16 – Jesse Vasquez VSU Michael Burnett (Pittsburgh Wrestling Club), 11-0

Quarterfinals (Sunday) – Jesse Vasquez vs. Joshua Edmond (Tiger Style Wrestling Club)