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Five Sun Devil Wresters Place at UWWJ and U23 Nationals

Nov 15, 2020

OMAHA -- Redshirt senior Cade Belshay ended his weekend on the mat with a fourth place finish at the United World Wrestling Junior and U23 Nationals on Sunday. Five Sun Devil wrestlers placed including 2019-20 NCWA Second Team All-Americans Kordell Norfleet (92 kg) and Jacori Teemer (74). 

Arizona State alumnus Josh Kramer (61), redshirt senior Cory Crooks (70) and Norfleet finished fifth in their respective weight classes while Teemer ended in sixth.

"These guys have not competed in a long time and there were many emotions they had to deal with," assistant coach Lee Pritts said. "Huge learning curves happened this weekend. I'm really proud of them and how they responded to the adversity. It's not always pretty but I can tell you these Sun Devils always respond."

Belshay (82) demolished his first two opponents, but was defeated by Michigan State wrestler Cameron Caffey in the quarterfinals landing him in the consolation bracket. Three matches later, the two repeated their performance in a third place match resulting in Caffey's favor.

After being defeated by University of Iowa wrestler Kaleb Young in the round of 32, Crooks won six consecutive matches to place himself in the consolation semifinals before he ultimately fell short. Making adjustments for the fifth place bout, Crooks attacked early, finishing his opponent off with a technical fall for a 11-0 victory.

It came down to the final sprint in Kramer's fifth place bout after he started the match with strong pin against his opponent. Earning two points with seconds remaining, Kramer prevailed 8-7. 

The second rematch of the day featured Norfleet and Jonathan Aiello in the fifth place bout. Norfleet came out strong-willed and held Aiello scoreless in his final match of the weekend. In Kramer's match

Overall, the nine Sun Devil wrestlers in the tournament went 40-19.

U23 Men's Freestyle Competitors

57 -- Brandon Courtney (Sunkist Kids Wrestling Club)

Round of 64  – BYE

Round of 32 – Brandon Courtney VSU Gabriel Gray (Texas Panhandle Wrestling Club), 10-0

Round of 16 – Brandon Courtney VPO1 Michael Spangler (Beaver Wrestling Club), 11-6

Quarterfinals – Danny Vega (Jackrabbit Wrestling Club) VPO1 Brandon Courtney, 9-6

Consolation 8 #2 – Ethan Rotondo (Wisconsin Regional Training) VPO1 Brandon Courtney, 5-4

61 -- Josh Kramer (Alumnus, Sunkist Kids Wrestling Club)

Round of 32 – Josh Kramer VSU1 Vincent Foggia (Pennsylvania RTC), 13-2

Round of 16 – Josh Kramer VSU Jack Skudlarczyk (Panther Wrestling Club RTC), 10-0

Quarterfinals – Mitchell McKee (Gopher Wrestling Club) DEF Josh Kramer, 10-0

Consolation 8 #2 – Josh Kramer VSU Charles Klepps (Cyclone Regional Training Center C-RTC), 10-0, 1:24

Consolation 4 – Josh Kramer vs. Collin Gerardi (Southeast Regional Training Center, Inc), 6-1

Consolation Semifinals – Austin DeSanto (Hawkeye Wrestling Club) VPO1 Josh Kramer, 14-9 

Fifth Place Bout – Josh Kramer VPO1 Micky Phillippi (Pittsburgh Wrestling Club), 8-7

70 -- Cory Crooks (Sunkist Kids Wrestling Club)

Round of 64 – Cory Crooks VPO1 AJ Jaffe (New England Regional Training), 8-4

Round of 32 – Kaleb Young (Hawkeye Wrestling Club) VPO1 Cory Crooks, 7-2

Consolation 32 #2 – Cory Crooks VSU1 Zeth Dean (New England Regional Training), 11-1

Consolation 16 #1 – Cory Crooks VFO Anthony Rink (Gentry Wrestling)

Consolation 16 #2 – Cory Crooks VPO1 Devin Bahr (Wisconsin Regional Training), 5-3

Consolation 8 #1 – Cory Crooks VPO Jonathan Ross (Mat-Town USA), 10-0, 0:50

Consolation 8 #2  – Cory Crooks VSU1 Baltazar Joel Gonzalez (Silverback Wrestling Club), 12-2, 4:02

Consolation 4 – Cory Crooks VPO1 Parker Kropman (Pennsylvania RTC), 6-1

Consolation Semifinals – Jake Keating (Cavalier Wrestling Club) VPO1 Cory Crooks, 5-1

Fifth Place Bout – Cory Crooks VSU Jaron Jenson (Wyoming Regional Training Center), 11-0

74 -- Jacori Teemer (Sunkist Kids Wrestling Club)

Round of 32 – Jacori Teemer VPO1 Jake Wentzel (Pittsburgh Wrestling Club), 6-5

Round of 16 – Jacori Teemer VSU Austin Yant (Panther Wrestling Club RTC), 10-0

Quarterfinals – Jacori Teemer VSU1 Quentin Perez (Navy-Marine Corps Mat Club), 12-2

Semifinals – Evan Wick (Titan Mercury Wrestling Club) VPO1 Jacori Teemer, 11-9

Consolation Semifinals – Jeremiah Moody (Hawkeye Wrestling Club) VSU1 Jacori Teemer, 14-4 

Fifth Place Bout – Evan Barczak (Pennsylvania RTC) VSU1 Jacori Teemer, 12-2

86 -- Cade Belshay (Sunkist Kids Wrestling Club)

Round of 32 - Cade Belshay VSU1 Brian Bonino (New York City RTC), 12-1

Round of 16 -  Cade Belshay VSU Ashton Seely (Brunson UVRTC), 10-0

Quarterfinals – Cameron Caffey (unattached) VSU Cade Belshay, 10-0

Consolation 8 #2 – Cade Belshay VSU Robert Striggow (Cliff Keen Wrestling Club), 11-0, 3:28

Consolation 4 – Cade Belshay VSU1 Keegan Moore (Panther Wrestling Club), 12-2

Consolation Semifinals – Cade Belshay VSU1 Gregg Harvey Jr. (Pittsburgh Wrestling Club), 13-1

Third Place Bout – Cameron Caffey (unattached) VSU Cade Belshay, 10-0

92 -- Kordell Norfleet (Sunkist Kids Wrestling Club)

Round of 32 - BYE

Round of 16 - Kordell Norfleet VSU Donovan Corn (unattached), 10-0

Quarterfinals – Jonathan Aiello (unattached) VPO1 Kordell Norfleet, 10-4

Consolation 8 #2 – Kordell Norfleet VSU Bear Hughes (unattached), 10-0, 2:35

Consolation 4 – Kordell Norfleet VPO1 Andrew Davison (Cliff Keen Wrestling Club), 9-4

Consolation Semifinals – Nino Bonaccorsi (Pittsburgh Wrestling Club) VPO1 Kordell Norfleet, 7-1

Fifth Place Bout – Kordell Norfleet VSU Jonathan Aiello (unattached), 10-0

UWW Junior Freestyle Competitors

61 -- Cleveland Belton (Sunkist Kids Wrestling Club)

Round of 128 - BYE

Round of 64 -  Cleveland Belton VPO1 Carson Taylor (Viking Wrestling Club), 14-8

Round of 32 - Cleveland Belton VSU Dominick Serrano (Unattached), 10-0 

Round of 16 - Cleveland Belton VSU Timothy Decatur-Luker (Unattached), 10-0

Quarterfinals – Trey Crawford (Tiger Style Wrestling Club) VPO1 Cleveland Belton, 12-6

Consolation – Daniel Kimball (Jackrabbit Wrestling Club) VFA Cleveland Belton, 6-5

65 -- Julian Chlebove (unattached)

Round of 64 - Julian Chlebove VPO1 Jackson Dean (Pennsylvania RTC), 11-11

Round of 32 - Julian Chlebove VPO1 Danny Fongaro (New York City RTC), 13-7

Round of 16 - Joshua Edmond (Tiger Style Wrestling Club) VSU1 Julian Chlebove, 14-4 

Consolation 16 #2 - Kyler Romero (unattached) VPO1 Julian Chlebove, 17-14

65 -- Jesse Vasquez (unattached)

Round of 64 – Jesse Vasquez VFA Wyatt Turnquist (Wolves Wrestling Club), 4-2

Round of 32 –Jesse Vasquez VSU Daniel Meeker (Dubuque Wrestling Club), 10-0, 0:47

Round of 16 – Jesse Vasquez VSU Michael Burnett (Pittsburgh Wrestling Club), 11-0

Quarterfinals – Joshua Edmond (Tiger Style Wrestling Club) VFA Jesse Vasquez, 10-5

Consolation – Legend Lamer (Central Coast RTC) VPO1 Jesse Vasquez, 15-14