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Brovedani, Thompson Named To G-PAC

Jan 18, 2021

SAN FRANCISCO - The Pac-12 Conference announced the formation of the first-ever Gymnasts for Peace, Action, and Change, or G-PAC, committee. This committee is designed to provide an avenue for gymnasts across the Pac-12 to further the cause of diversity and inclusion within athletic departments and the national community. Washington's own Talia Brovedani and Geneva Thompson will be representing the GymDawgs on this committee.

The G-PAC was created to facilitate an environment where diversity and inclusion is both welcomed and encouraged. It will strive to ignite lasting change by sharing experiences, provide others with education and outside resources, and create authentic safe spaces for fellow student-athletes. G-PAC works to inspire others to thrive at the edge of their comfort zone furthering the journey to true equality.

This first-of-its-kind committee will include representatives from all Pac-12 gymnastics programs and will work with all Pac-12 schools to promote diversity and inclusion.

"It's extremely important for everyone to feel safe in their identities regardless of what team they are a part of," said Thompson about the G-PAC. "I want gymnasts around the world to feel comfortable celebrating their and others' differences and I want to further encourage diversity within the gymnastics community. Being a leader and captain of the Washington gymnastics team, I have been able to be there for and support teammates in their own ways. Everyone deserves to feel like they belong on a team."

Brovedani echoed Thompson's excitement, saying that G-PAC is an opportunity "to work alongside other gymnasts to create a space that is inclusive and fosters positive changes, so that gymnasts and athletes of all identities can feel fully celebrated and included within their sport."

Thompson and Brovedani will immediately begin working with G-PAC as the gymnastics competition schedule gets under way. Make sure to check for up-to-date schedule announcements as the Pac-12 releases more information.

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