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Coach A's Weekly Newsletter

Jan 29, 2021

I was a little unsure of how the week was going to be, because it started with an unexpected phone call Tuesday morning at 7:15 a.m. from Mark Harlan. I don't know about all of you, but receiving a call that early in the morning from the big boss scared the heck out of me!
Thankfully he was calling to let me know some GREAT NEWS! He wanted to personally inform me of the hiring of Charmelle Green as the new Deputy Athletics Director of our beloved Utes!
Charmelle was a two-time All-American centerfielder for the Utes, and my needless to say there was some cheering and many happy tears shed before sunrise early in the week. I couldn't have been more excited to hear that Charmelle was planning to come back home. 
Even before the excitement started to fade, some other feelings started to arise, including a little bit of fear. I had flashbacks of being a freshman with Charmelle as our senior leader. She wasn't going to let a bunch of freshmen like me, that didn't know what we were doing, get in the way of her plans to get the Utes to the Women's College World Series. So yeah, when I first met Charmelle, she scared me just enough that I did pretty much everything she told me to do. And yes, she led us (along with one other senior Christina Freeman-Mooney) to the WCWS with four starting freshmen on the field. 
The Utes hit the jackpot with the hire. The department will find out soon what I already experienced with Charmelle...she will help draw out the best in you and will never let you settle for becoming anything less than excellent in all facets of your life. 
So, with the week starting on such a high, I was fearful that there was nowhere to go but down. Thankfully this did not happen. We are checking things off our To-Do list left and right, and feel we are getting close to being ready to go!
When I say "go" you know what I mean by that, right? We always travel for the first 25-30 games before playing at home. Soooo, we will continue racking up our frequent flyer miles after an unexpected hiatus last March when we flew home abruptly from Seattle. 
Our schedule will be posted online as soon as we get the green light from the Pac-12. I can tell you that we open in Phoenix on February 11 and I look forward to showing off this team of ours. 
Enjoy your weekend and I plan to talk to you again soon!
--Coach A