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Oregon State Heads to Washington For Rematch

Feb 4, 2021

Oregon State Notes | Live Stream | Live Stats

CORVALLIS, Ore. - The Beavers gymnastics team continues on the road with a rematch at Washington.
DATE: Monday, February 8
SITE: Alaska Airlines Arena - Seattle, Wash.
TEAMS: Washington hosts Oregon State
STREAM: Pac-12 Network

The meet will air on Pac-12 Network, Pac-12 Oregon and Pac-12 Washington. Fans with subscriptions to the Network can also watch the mee on, or via the Pac-12 Now app.

Oregon State notes | Washington preview
• Oregon State is 1-2 on the season with a win over Washington (1/23) and losses to No. 15 Arizona State (1/29) and Boise State (1/15).
• Though the Beaver have two losses on the season, their team score has increased with each competition. The team started the season with a 191.950 (1/15) before increasing to a 194.925 (1/23) and a 195.850 at Arizona State (1/29).
• Madi Dagen (beam and vault)  and Kaitlyn Yanish (floor) have won the individual title at all three meets on the season. 
• Sydney Gonzales leads the freshmen with seven routines, six hits, and two beam titles. 
• After three meets, the vault lineup ranks ninth in the nation while the floor lineup is 15th. 
• Madi Dagen is the number two vaulter in the country while Kaitlyn Yanish is tied for fifth in the nation on the floor.
• Lacy Dagen, Lena Greene, and Jenna Domingo are back to practice after their respective injuries. Participation in Monday's competition is still to be determined.
• Injury report: Anna Yeates and Grace Johnson will sit the season out due to injury while Colette Yamaoka will be out with an injury for at least the month of February. 
• Oregon State scored a 195.825 finishing with a loss at Arizona State last Friday. 
• The Beavers won the vault and the floor while losing the beam by just 0.025 of a point. 
• Kayla Bird competed in her first all-around competition for a career best 39.025 and a second-place AA finish.
• For the third meet in a row, Madi Dagen landed the vault title, with a second 9.950, and the beam title, with a 9.900.
• Sydney Gonzales once again shared the individual title on the beam with Dagen, this time with a 9.900 career best.
• Kaitlyn Yanish notched a 9.900 to earn the top score on floor.
• Bird rounded out the final top-three finish with a second-place score (9.875) on floor.
Vault: 9th - 49.142
Bars: 48th - 47.367
Beam: 25th - 48.667
Floor: 15th - 49.067
All-Around: 36th - 194.242
2. Madi Dagen - 9.933
46. Sydney Gonzales - 9.833
65. Kaitlyn Yanish - 9.817
80. Lena Greene - 9.800
32. Madi Dagen - 9.850
57. Jenna Domingo - 9.825
77. Sydney Gonzales - 9.817
5. Kaitlyn Yanish - 9.917
85. Madi Dagen - 9.837
87. Kayla Bird - 9.833
41. Kayla Bird - 39.025
63. Madi Dagen - 38.750
73. Kristina Peterson - 38.725
*scores are averaged

TEAM 49.142 47.367 48.667 49.067 194.242
Kayla Bird 9.762 9.617 9.213 9.833 39.025
Lacy Dagen
Madi Dagen 9.933 9.338 9.850 9.837 38.750
Jenna Domingo 9.100 9.825
Savanna Force 9.717
Lexie Gonzales 9.458
Sydney Gonzales 9.833 9.817 8.850
Lena Greene 9.800
Kaitlyn Hoiland 9.450
Grace Johnson
Niya Mack 9.312 9.533
Alexa McClung
Julia Melchert
Kristina Peterson 9.742 9.200 9.775 9.792 38.475
Jane Poniewaz 9.733 9.467 9.787
Colette Yamaoka
Kaitlyn Yanish 9.817 9.917
Anna Yeates
Ariana Young 9.500 9.450


TEAM 49.225 48.500 49.025 49.400 195.850
Kayla Bird 9.775 9.775 9.675 9.875 39.025
Lacy Dagen
Madi Dagen 9.950 9.575 9.900 9.900 38.750
Jenna Domingo 9.100 9.825
Savanna Force 9.850
Lexie Gonzales 9.725
Sydney Gonzales 9.850 9.900 8.850
Lena Greene 9.800
Kaitlyn Hoiland 9.775
Grace Johnson
Niya Mack 9.750 9.850
Alexa McClung
Julia Melchert
Kristina Peterson 9.775 9.550 9.800 9.850 38.725
Jane Poniewaz 9.825 9.750 9.825
Colette Yamaoka
Kaitlyn Yanish 9.825 9.950
Anna Yeates
Ariana Young 9.600 9.625

Vault: 10 - Kristie Snyder (1995, '96), Katrina Severin (2001)
Bars: 10 - Chari Knight (1992, '92, '93, '94, '94), Heather Bennett (1996), Danae Phillips (1999), Elizabeth Jillson (2003), Kaytianna McMillan (2017)
Beam: 10 - Chari Knight (1992, '93, '93), Michelle Sandoz (1994)
Floor: 10 - Amy Durham (1993, '93), Lara Degenhardt (1999), Chrissy Lamun (2003), Tasha Smith (2008)
All-Around: 39.75 - Chari Knight (1993)
Vault: 49.475 (1999, 1996)
Bars: 49.675 (2013)
Beam: 49.600 (2004)
Floor: 49.700 (2004)
Overall: 197.850 (2013)
• Washington is 0-2 on the season after falling to Oregon State (1/23) and Utah (1/30).
• The Huskies improved upon its first-meet score of 192.875 to a 193.500 against Utah. 
• In their latest meet against the Utes, Washington hit all of their vaults, 4/6 of their bar routines, 4/6 of their beam routines, and 5/6 of their floor routines.
• Washington graduated five seniors following the 2020 season. Those seniors all regularly competed with four vault routines, four beam, three bars, three floor and an all-around competitor.
• The Huskies welcome six newcomers to the team, including a Texas State Champion (bars, all-around) (Cathy Eksteen), a JO Nationals runner-up (bars) with top-five placements on beam, floor, and all-around (Skylar Kilhough-Wilhelm), a two-time JO Nationals qualifier (Katie McNamara), a JO Nationals fourth-place finisher (beam) (Taylor Russon), a one-time JO Nationals qualifier (Lauren Thomas), and a three-time JO Nationals top-ten finisher (Gabi Wickman).

TEAM 48.800 48.050 47.738 48.600 193.188
Morgan Bowles 8.987 9.412
Brenna Brooks
Talia Brovedani 9.325 9.625
Amara Cunningham 9.800 9.875
Cathy Eksteen
Skylar Killough-Wilhelm 9.787 9.763 9.537 9.700 38.788
Katie McNamara 9.800 9.425 9.438 9.600 37.925
Taylor Russon
Meaghan Ruttan
Allie Smith 9.688 9.700
Lauren Thomas 9.562 9.025 8.987
Geneva Thompson 9.825 9.725 9.463 9.250 38.263
Isa Weiss
Gabi Wickman 9.725 9.700


TEAM 48.850 48.100 47.900 48.650 193.500
Morgan Bowles 9.575 9.700
Brenna Brooks
Talia Brovedani 9.325 9.700
Amara Cunningham 9.850 9.875
Cathy Eksteen
Skylar Killough-Wilhelm 9.800 9.850 9.775 9.800 39.000
Katie McNamara 9.800 9.600 9.750 9.750 37.925
Taylor Russon
Meaghan Ruttan
Allie Smith 9.700 9.725
Lauren Thomas 9.600 9.650 9.650
Geneva Thompson 9.900 9.750 9.800 9.750 38.525
Isa Weiss
Gabi Wickmann 9.725 9.700

• Oregon State leads the all-time series, 109-29.
• Earlier this year, the Beavers beat the Huskies 194.925-192.875. Oregon State took the event win in three of the four events - vault, beam, and floor. OSU also earned the individual titles in all four events.
• The Beavers finished 2020 with a loss against then-No. 12 Washington, 196.750-197.250.
• In the 2019 season, OSU found victories in both meets against the Huskies. Washington fell to the Beavers 196.100-195.900 during the regular season and 196.600-196.175 at the Pac-12 Championships.
vs. Boise State

Name Event Score
Madi Dagen Vault 9.900
Madi Dagen Beam 9.850
Kaitlyn Yanish Floor 9.900

vs. Washington

Name Event Score
Madi Dagen Vault 9.950
Kayla Bird, Kaitlyn Hoiland Bars 9.775
Madi Dagen, Sydney Gonzales, Kristina Peterson Beam 9.800
Kaitlyn Yanish Floor 9.950

vs. Arizona State

Name Event Score
Madi Dagen Vault 9.950
Madi Dagen, Sydney Gonzales Beam 9.900
Kaitlyn Yanish Floor 9.900

• Tanya Chaplin enters her 24th season directing the gymnastics program. With a record of 431-251-3 at the start of the 2021 season, she owns the most wins in the gymnastics program's history. She earned this distinction with her 318th win in 2014, against Iowa State.
• During her time at OSU, she has become well-known as one of the best in the business for the choreography her gymnasts' floor and beam routines see, putting her athletes in the best position to entertain the crowd as well as the judges.
• Since 1997-98, when Chaplin came to Oregon State, gymnastics has 12 NCAA Championship team appearances with 13 additional individual appearances throughout six different seasons. The Beavers have seen two NCAA Regional titles (2008, 2011) and two Pac-12 titles (2011, 2013) under Chaplin's direction.
• A five-time Pac-10 Coach of the Year, Chaplin has coached 19 Pac-12 individual champions, with three two-time champions and two four-time champions, three Pac-12 Gymnasts of the Year (with one two-time) and three Pac-12 Freshman of the Year.
• Over the course of her career at OSU, Chaplin has led 29 gymnasts to earn All-American honors - one seven-time honoree, two six-time, two four-time, four three-time, five two-time, and 14 one-time honorees, including one gymnast who earned the honor before and after Chaplin joined the Beavers.
• Michael Chaplin joined Oregon State at the same time as Tanya Chaplin. Coaching the Beavers since, Chaplin was named the associate head coach prior to the 2004 season. 
• As part of the Oregon State gymnastics coaching staff, Chaplin has been named the NACGC West Region Co-Assistant Coach of the Year twice (1999, 2003) and the NACGC West Region Co-Coach of the Year once (2011). 
• In combination with Tanya Chaplin, he has coached Oregon State to 12 NCAA championship team appearances with two NCAA Regional titles and two Pac-12 championships.
• Chaplin serves as OSU's vault and tumbling coach.
Here are some quick hitters about the 2021 Oregon State gymnastics roster:
• The Beavers have seven seniors on the team (Lacy Dagen, Lena Greene, Savanna Force, Lexie Gonzales, Niya Mack, Colette Yamaoka, Kaitlyn Yanish). They have combined to perform 225 routines in their career entering the season.
• There were six additions to the squad this fall with the arrivals of freshmen Sydney Gonzales, Kaitlyn Hoiland, Grace Johnson, Julia Melchert, Anna Yeates, and Ariana Young. 
• Ten of the 13 returning gymnasts on the 2021 team competed in at least one meet for the Beavers last season. Alexa McClung and Jane Poniewaz are seeking their first competition routines at OSU, in addition to the six freshmen. 
• The Beavers have two gymnasts that hail from the state of Oregon - Lena Greene (Tigard) and Alexa McClung (Salem).
• OSU also has one gymnast from outside the continental 48 states - Jenna Domingo (Kapolei, Hawai'i).
• Though unable to finish the 2020 season out, the Beavers return 10 of 24 routines from the 2019 NCAA Championships lineup. Mariana Colussi-Pelaez (bars), Mary Jacobsen (vault, floor, bars) and McKenna Singley (vault, floor, beam) graduated in 2019 while Hallie Briscoe (bars), Sabrina Gill (bars, beam), Maela Lazaro (beam), and Isis Lowery (beam, bars, floor) graduated following the 2020 season. Those returning are Madi Dagen (vault, floor, beam), Lacy Dagen (vault, beam), Savanna Force (floor), Colette Yamaoka (beam), and Kaitlyn Yanish (vault, floor).
• The Beavers finished the season ranked No. 15.
• OSU opened the 2020 season with a second-place finish at the Critique Classic with a 194.450. The Beavers posted the top score on the uneven bars to help beat Iowa (192.700) and Bridgeport (189.300). Oregon State fell to No. 8 Georgia (195.100) in their opening meet.
• The next month saw a 6-2 record with a first-place finish in a tri-meet against Seattle Pacific and Centenary and two second-place finishes in tri-meet against Arizona State & Louisiana State and No. 21 Arizona & Sacramento State.
• The Beavers closed the season with four-straight losses against No. 3 Utah, No. 10 California, No. 3 UCLA, and No. 12 Washington despite seeing some of their best team scores, including a tie for the highest against UCLA with a 196.825 score, on the season.
• All four of OSU's lineups were ranked among the top-20 in the nation. The beam lineup was the highest ranked for the Beavers at No. 12 (48.700 national qualifying score), while the bars (48.600) and floor (48.700) ranked No. 14, and vault (48.450) was No. 19.
• The Beavers' routine production breakdown looked like this: Seniors performed 105 of 240 routines (43.75%), sophomores produced 50 of 240 (20.83%), juniors 48 of 240 (20%), and freshmen 37 of 240 (15.42%). Lacy Dagen will return as a senior with 18 of the seniors' 105 routines.
• Kaitlyn Yanish (floor) and Madi Dagen (beam) were named to the Pac-12 All-Conference team.
• 11 OSU gymnasts were named to the Pac-12 Winter Academic Honor Roll. The honorees included: Halli Briscoe (Organizational Leadership, MS), Lacy Dagen (sociology), Madi Dagen (digital communication arts), Savanna Force (kinesiology), Lexie Gonzales (digital communication arts), Lena Greene (bioengineering), Jaime Law (design & innovation management in OSU's Honor College), Maela Lazaro (biohealth sciences), Isis Lowery (human development and family sciences), Kristina Peterson (human development and family services) and Colette Yamaoka (biology).
• 15 gymnasts were recognized as Scholastic All-Americans by the Women's Collegiate Gymnastics Association: Kayla Bird, Halli Briscoe, Lacy Dagen, Madi Dagen, Jenna Domingo, Savanna Force, Lexie Gonzales, Lena Green, Jaime Law, Maela Lazaro, Isis Lowery. Alexa McClung, Alyssa Minyard, Kristina Peterson, and Jane Poniewaz.
• The Beavers return 13 gymnasts from 2020 including 10 that competed last season.
• Among those 13 returning gymnasts are seven seniors - Lacy Dagen, Savanna Force, Lexie Gonzales, Lena Greene, Niya Mack, Colette Yamaoka, and Kaitlyn Yanish - who will be expected to provide leadership for the squad. 
• Lena Greene, who missed the 2017 season due to injury, will be using her fifth year of eligibility and will compete as a redshirt senior in 2021.
• Lacy Dagen, who suffered knee injuries in her first two seasons at Florida, will be returning for her fourth year of competition as a redshirt senior in 2021.
• Oregon State returns one WCGA Regular Season All-American from 2019. Kaitlyn Yanish was recognized for her routines on the floor exercise for the second straight season.
• In November, two gymnasts made official commitments to join the Oregon State gymnastics program for the 2021-22 academic year. Natalie Briones (Gilbert, Ariz.) and Phoebe Jakubczyk (Bristol, United Kingdom) are scheduled to enroll at Oregon State this coming summer.
• In addition, 2018 signee Jade Carey (Phoenix, Ariz.), who has deferred her enrollment to train for the 2021 Tokyo Olympics, still plans to join the Beavers in time for the 2022 season.
• The Beavers will return home for a second televised meet against Arizona at 6 p.m. on Feb. 13.