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Coach A's Weekly Newsletter

Feb 9, 2021

Game Week Preview

Tomorrow, we travel!!!
Which is why TOMORROW will be our first newsletter of the 2021 season!
TODAY, I want to explain what the newsletter is all about. I'm not quite sure how long I have been writing these, but I started them because I felt there were so many more things to share with you about our program than what you would normally read in the "paper."
So, long ago, we gathered names and email addresses of our current softball team, our softball alumni and our close family & friends, and started sending a newsletter each week of the season to the people on our list. That list has since grown pretty big, as we have added several new student-athletes and have started to really grow our fan base.
The letters have been filled with both on and off the field stories...from details of an OFF-DAY on a road trip, to the inside scoop about a comeback victory against a top-ranked team, to a fun story about one of our freshmen, and everything in-between. 
This year, for the first time ever, we are putting the letter out there for a few more people to see. I'm thinking it will be pretty easy to find this year on social media and it's also going to be on our Utah Softball website. 
We still email it to our list we are growing each year, so if you want one emailed to you, then just send your info to Staci Hemingway ( and she will be sure to get every single one. Same goes for those of you that are on the list and want to be removed...Staci is the one to contact. 
You will find it's the same 'ole letter that I have always's not usually a game recap, I'd say it's more of the opposite most of the time. Like I mentioned before, it's a lot of the things about the program that you won't necessarily see if you just watch the game or read the headlines. We will have all of the press releases and game notes attached though. So it's kinda your one-stop-shop for all things Utah Softball!
So, there's the story of the newsletter. The first one of the season will come out TOMORROW and our goal is to get one out each week on either our travel day or a HOME GAMEDAY!
Thanks for supporting Utah Softball. We look forward to getting things started and are glad you are along for the ride!
Go Utes!

Coach A
P. S. We did send a few updates leading up to the season this year. Those are posted already so be sure to find them before we get things started tomorrow!