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Pac-12 Conference announces engagement of Institute for Sport and Social Justice as part of ongoing social justice and anti-racism efforts

Mar 22, 2021
Institute for Sport and Social Justice to offer education, training, climate assessments and recommendations to benefit Pac-12 Conference, Pac-12 Networks and member universities
SAN FRANCISCO - The Pac-12 Conference today announced an engagement with the Institute for Sport and Social Justice, the latest step in the Conference’s ongoing effort to promote social justice, diversity, equity and inclusion within its own ranks and across all Pac-12 campuses.
As preeminent leaders in the areas of DEI and social justice, the Institute for Sport and Social Justice brings an impressive resume and skill set to its work with the Pac-12. Over the course of the year-long relationship, the Institute will provide education, training, climate assessments and recommendations for the Conference, Pac-12 Networks and all 12 member institutions. 
“We very much look forward to incorporating the Institute for Sport and Social Justice into our important work in the areas of diversity, inclusion and anti-racism,” said Pac-12 Commissioner Larry Scott. “We are committed to supporting our student-athletes and programs, as well as our own staff, in these efforts and welcome the guidance of such well-respected experts in this field.”
“We are thrilled to partner with the Pac-12 Conference and its member institutions in a comprehensive research and educational program that will lay the groundwork for sustainable growth,” said Delise O’Meally, CEO of the Institute for Sport and Social Justice. “These issues have significant value for any organization, but are particularly resonant in higher education, as colleges and universities seek to cultivate a learning environment to prepare students for lives and careers in a diverse world. The Pac-12, which represents the most elite levels of higher education and sport, has a unique opportunity to impact not only current staff and stakeholders, but the next generation of societal influencers.”
Today’s announcement builds upon the Pac-12’s commitment to social justice, which has been brought to life by its student-athletes across tens of sports, all year long. From the Pac-12 women’s basketball programs’ “Change Starts With Us” activation, to the Conference-wide “Pac the Polls” initiative, to the ongoing work of the Pac-12 imPACt program and Leadership Council, the information and recommendations brought forth by the Institute for Sport and Social Justice will strengthen the Conference’s ability to take action and support the efforts toward making our society a more diverse and just one for all.
About the Institute for Sport and Social Justice
For more than three decades, the Institute For Sport & Social Justice (The Institute) has been a champion for social justice in the sports arena. The Institute has educated and trained thousands of coaches, officials, administrators, and student-athletes in the areas of diversity and inclusion, gender violence prevention from a by-standers perspective, transformational leadership, critical decision-making skills for students-athletes, and much more. The Institute utilizes the passion and love of sport to create a safe environment to explore and discuss social justice. Come join us. “CHANGING LIVES THROUGH THE POWER OF SPORT!” For more information on the Institute For Sport & Social Justice, please visit
About Pac-12 ImPACt
Pac-12 ImPACt is the social activism arm of the Pac-12 Conference, seeking to do what the name implies – make an impact in the communities and lives of Pac-12 student-athletes, member institutions and society at large. The focus of Pac-12 ImPACt is to harness the power of sport to build awareness, identify solutions and provide leadership to promote initiatives across the social activism landscape, particularly those that encourage a culture of diversity and inclusion, support sustainability efforts and fuel the pioneering spirit of the West Coast. Pac-12 ImPACt creates and supports transformational policies, programs, resources and services designed to strengthen our university communities from the inside out, spreading the messages of inclusion and empowerment by celebrating diversity, fostering fairness and good sportsmanship, and working towards the ultimate goal of equitable opportunities and outcomes for all. Launched in 2012, Pac-12 ImPACt is headquartered in the Pac-12 Conference office in San Francisco, California. For more information on Pac-12 ImPACt, please visit
About the Pac-12 Conference
The Pac-12 Conference has a tradition as the “Conference of Champions,” leading the nation in NCAA Championships in 54 of the last 60 years, with 532 NCAA team titles overall. The Conference comprises 12 leading U.S. universities - the University of Arizona, Arizona State University, the University of California, Berkeley, the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA), the University of Colorado, the University of Oregon, Oregon State University, Stanford University, the University of Southern California, the University of Utah, the University of Washington and Washington State University. For more information on the Conference’s programs and member institutions please visit