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Utah Drops Three Matches on Final Day of Pac-12 Invite

Mar 28, 2021

PHOENIX- The Utah beach volleyball team fell to Washington, #11 Cal, and #14 Arizona on the final day of the Pac-12 South Invitational in Arizona to finish the weekend.  They lost to all three teams 5-0.
Utah started off taking on Washington in the morning and had some close sets.  Macy Rideout and Joana Saucedo Mondragon had the closest first set, losing on the fourth court with a score of 21-19.  Camille Lee and Keana Smalls had another close second match on the second court with a second set of 21-15.
The Utes then took on Cal where they switched up some of the pairings.  Olivia Teerlink and Camille Lee were back on the sand together and had a first close match, which they lost 21-19. 
Finishing off the weekend of tough competition, Utah took on Arizona, where Lee and Teerlink had another close first march, losing 21-18.  After a rough first set, Sage Patchell and Keana Smalls came back with better effort for a 21-15 loss.
Up Next
Utah will be heading down to Texas to take on Texas A&M Corpus Christi, Houston Baptist, and Texas A&M Kingsville April 2-3.
Washington 5, Utah 0
Phoenix, Arizona
1. Shayne McPherson/Chloe Loreen (UW) def. Sage Patchell/Marissa Koch (UTAH) 21-10, 21-8
2. Natalie Robinson/Scarlett Dahl (UW) def. Camille Lee/Keana Smalls (UTAH) 21-13, 21-15
3. Kyra Petersen/Ashley Shook (UW) def. Olivia Teerlink/Grace Andrews (UTAH) 21-14, 21-12
4. Avie Niece/Hannah Yerex (UW) def. Macy Rideout/Joana Saucedo Mondragon (UTAH) 21-19, 21-9
5. Cassidy Schilling/Callie Weber (UW) def. Kaiya Liwanag/Hannah Stahle (UTAH) 21-13, 21-11
California 5, Utah 0
Phoenix, Arizona
1. Mima Mirkovic/Caroline Schafer (CAL) def. Sage Patchell/Keana Smalls (UTAH) 21-14, 21-9
2. Ainsley Radell/Jordan Polo (CAL) def. Grace Andrews/Marissa Koch (UTAH) 21-12, 21-6
3. Alexia Inman/Maddie Micheletti (CAL) def. Olivia Teerlink/Camille Lee (UTAH) 21-19, 21-9
4. Francesca Gettings/Maddie Sundholm (CAL) def. Macy Rideout/Joana Saucedo Mondragon (UTAH) 21-13, 21-10
5. Brooke Buchner/Grace Paulson (CAL) def. Kaiya Liwanag/Hannah Stahle (UTAH) 21-11, 21-10
Arizona 5, Utah 0
Phoenix, Arizona
1. Alana Rennie/Alex Parkhurst (ARIZ) def. Sage Patchell/ Keana Smalls (UTAH) 21-9, 21-15
2. Brooke Burling/Sarah Blacker (ARIZ) def. Marissa Koch/ Grace Andrews (UTAH) 21-7, 21-8
3. Makenna Martin/Carly Lowry (ARIZ) def. Camille Lee/ Olivia Teerlink (UTAH) 21-18, 21-5
4. Jonny Baham/Abby Russell (ARIZ) def. Macy Rideout/ Joana Saucedo Mondragon (UTAH) 21-8, 21-14
5. Olivia Hallaran/Hope Shannon (ARIZ) def. Abby Cramer/ Kaiya Liwanag (UTAH) 21-7, 21-6