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Beach Volleyball Falls to Stephen F. Austin and Houston Baptist

Apr 3, 2021

CORPUS CHRISTI – The Utah beach volleyball team dropped both of its matches of the day in Corpus Christi to Stephen F. Austin and Houston Baptist.
Stephen F. Austin won 4-1 and Houston Baptist won 5-0.
Against Stephen F. Austin, the Utes earned a point when the first pair of Marissa Koch and Sage Patchell got the win in two sets. The third pair of Grace Andrews and Olivia Teerlink wont the first set, but dropped the next two.
In the afternoon match with Houston Baptist, Utah had a tough time getting going and HBU knocked Utah off 5-0.
The Utes will travel to Boise on April 16 and take on Arizona and Arizona State and then will play Boise State on April 17.
SFA 4, Utah 1
Court 1: Marissa Koch/Sage Patchell (Utah) def. Iris Fletcher/Olivia Unnasch (SFA) 21-18, 23-21
Court 2: Corin Evans/Jorden James (SFA) def. Camille Lee/Keana Smalls (Utah) 21-13, 21-19
Court 3: Rylee Erwin/Paige Schieferstein (SFA) def. Grace Andrews/Olivia Teerlink (Utah) 21-23, 21-14, 15-19
Court 4: Suzana DeOliveira/Xariah Williams (SFA) def. Mia Kowalczyk/Joana Saucedo Mondragon (Utah) 21-8, 21-17
Court 5: Callie Neumann/Sadie Shipman (SFA) def. Macy Rideout/Hannah Stahle (Utah) 21-12, 21-17
HBU 5, Utah 0
Court 1: Maddie Butters/Brennan Miller (HBU) def. Marissa Koch/Sage Patchell (Utah) 21-11, 21-13
Court 2: Kylie Bryan/Dani Okeke (HBU) def. Grace Andrews/Olivia Teerlink (Utah) 21-16, 21-9
Court 3: Natalie Bennett/Lindsay Harrig (HBU) def. Camille Lee/Keana Smalls (Utah) 21-8, 21-12
Court 4: Lauren Huggins/Alison Stanfill (HBU) def. Macy Rideout/Hannah Stahle (Utah) 21-12, 21-12
Court 5: Mary Alpers/Kristen Kleymeyer (HBU) def. Mia Kowalczyk/Joana Saucedo Mondragon (Utah) 21-11, 21-17