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Coach A’s Weekly Newsletter

May 6, 2021

Last regular season Pac-12 road trip.

We just landed in Seattle.  The place where we were when it all ended last season because of COVID.

I picked a different hotel this time because there are too many emotions tied to the last one we stayed at. Two of my players ended their careers right there in that Marriott lobby last March. So we found a new place to stay this year.

We get to play the Huskies four times. I say "GET TO" for a reason. We get a chance to beat them, four different times. And we EXPECT to win.

Nobody was left home from this trip because of COVID or an injury. That hasn't happened very often this year, so being full strength going into this series feels nice. 

We came to win and look forward to being on the field tomorrow night.

Thanks for your continued support. Two regular season weekends left. This one on the road and next weekend at home, starting Thursday.

Hopefully we will see you all out at these games as we close out the regular season!

Go Utes!

--Coach A