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Beavers Compete in Portland Fall Classic

Oct 31, 2021

VANCOUVER, Wash. – The Oregon State men's rowing team continued fall competition Sunday morning at the Portland Fall Classic in Vancouver, Wash.
"That was a lot of action in a short amount of time. It was a high level of racing across all the boats," said Oregon State head coach Gabe Winkler. "This kind of competition in our own boats makes the whole team faster. This is the first time we raced 8 pairs, head to head. The new equipment allowed us to do that. This is a direct return on our alumni help. Thanks to everyone who helped fund purchasing the pairs.
"We have four 8+'s of guys that are pushing each other and lifting the boat speed even faster."
The Beavers entered the only two boats in competition in the Div. 1 Varsity 8+ race. The "Petersen" (featuring a lineup of Ethan Deborja (Coxwain), William La Fond, Ben La Fond, Tristan Gavin, Ryan Ghalayini, Dylan Stengel, Nathan Purtzer, Nils Patrick and Colin Lindquist) finished first clocking in with a time of 16:09. The "Poole" (with a lineup of Drew Riviello (Coxswain), Andrew Balsbaugh, Cal Labonski, Brian Tames, Ryan Coulter, Tristin Vanderlind, Philipp Seeger, Christian Touhey and Landen Acosta) came in at 16:14.
Oregon State also featured the only two boats competing in the Div. 1 JV 8+ race. The "Hansen" (with a lineup of Lidya Acar (Coxswain), Chris Neihoff, Tanner Mathews, Chad Lee, Kai Geller, Zach Niedermeyer, Eric Tubby, Isaac Connelly and Cameron Canfield clocked in at 17:09, while the Woodman (coxed by Mateo Olmedo and powered by Patrick McIntee, Grant Hemingway, Aiden Susak, Cole Janikowski, Matty Shepherd, Will Kendall, Ryan Ramsey and Samuel Silberstein) finished in 17:28.
The Beavers' four 4+ boats finished in the top four spots in the six-boat Collegiate Varsity 4+ race. The lineup of deBorja, Niedermeyer, Susak, Lee and Silberstein placed first, while the boat of Riviello, Connelly, Hemingway, Shepherd and Canfield placed second. Oregon State also entered eight 2- boats in the Open 2- race, with the duo of Patrick and Lindquist placing first.
The Beavers will wrap up its fall schedule next week at the Head of the Lake in Seattle, Wash.
8+ Race Results
Div. 1 Varsity 8+
The Petersen – 16:09
The Poole – 16:14
Div. 1 JV 8+
The Woodman – 17:09
The Hansen – 17:28
Oregon State 8+ Lineups:
Varsity 8 – The Petersen
8 - William la Fond
7 - Ben la Fond
6 - Tristan Gavin
5 - Ryan Ghalayini
4 - Dylan Stengel
3 - Nathan Purtzer
2 - Nils Patrick
1 – Colin Lindquist
Cox – Ethan deBorja
Varsity 8 – The Poole
8 - Andrew Balsbaugh
7 - Cal Labonski
6 - Brian Tames
5 - Ryan Coulter
4 - Tristin Vanderlind
3 - Philipp Seeger
2 - Christian Touhey
1 - Landen Acosta
Cox – Drew Riviello
JV 8 – The Hansen
8 - Chris Neihoff
7 - Tanner Mathews
6 - Chad Lee
5 - Kai Geller
4 - Zach Niedermeyer
3 - Eric Tubby
2 - Isaac Connelly
1 - Cameron Canfield
Cox – Lidya Acar
JV 8 – The Woodman
8 - Patrick McIntee
7 - Grant Hemingway
6 - Aiden Susak
5 - Cole Janikowski
4 - Matty Shepherd
3 - Will Kendall
2 - Ryan Ramsey
1 - Samuel Silberstein
Cox – Mateo Olmedo
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