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UW Men Sweep All Races At Head Of The Lake

Nov 7, 2021

Washington's men's and women's rowing teams each had a successful morning at the Head of the Lake Regatta, winning the top collegiate races in the annual event, co-hosted by the UW and Lake Washington Rowing Club.
Both the race course and the schedule were shortened due to weather and conditions. The course, which runs from Lake Union, through the Montlake Cut and into Lake Washington, was cut from three miles to two while a number of singles, doubles and pairs races were eliminated from the schedule. In addition to the college events, the regatta features a long list of races for masters and juniors.
"It was great to be able to participate in this regatta again," said UW men's coach Michael Callahan, noting that the 2020 event was canceled. "For a lot of the oarsmen who competed today, it was their first chance to race as Huskies."
"It was fantastic to experience RowTown USA back in action with so many people lining the Cut and watching from the Montlake Bridge," women's coach Yasmin Farooq agreed.
In the morning's first race, the UW men's varsity eight took home the men's collegiate/open 8+ Ben Porter Cup, in a time of 9:44.958, about 29 seconds in front of Oregon State and another 14 ahead of Gonzaga.
The UW men's second varsity eight won its event in 9:56.116, also beating a crew from Oregon State.
Two UW crews raced in the first women's event (race #3), the championship women's 8+, sponsored by Pocock Racing Shells. The two Husky crews finished in the top to spots, with an eight stroked by McKenna Bryant earning first place with a time of 11:15.767. The second UW entry, stroked by Ella Cossill, took second place, in 11:23.332, while two Gonzaga crews earned third and fourth.
Washington only other women's entry finished in second place in the women's collegiate JV8+, with Gonzaga earning the win.
"The championship eights race – with two UW boats —  was a great opportunity to provide our rowers with a terrific, competitive experience – one that they can build on," said Farooq. "We also were able to see an excellent group of freshmen — including walk-ons in their first month of rowing — competing for the first time in the JV eights race. The support of our Husky family here in Seattle is always uplifting and we appreciate every chance we get to perform in front of them."
The Huskies had three entrants in the men's collegiate 3V8+ race, and those three took first, second and third place. A crew stroked by freshman Marius Ahlsand finished first, about eight seconds in front of another, stroked by Cormac Kennedy-Leverett. The third-place crew in the seven-boat race was stroked by freshman Quinn Cooney.
Washington also had four boats in the championship men's 4+ sponsored by Pocock Racing Shells. Those four crews finished in the top-four in an 11-boat field, led by a four stroked by freshman Eric Seawright.
"I am excited by the performance of our second varsity and our freshmen. They look like a very solid class," Callahan said. "Those boats' results are a testament to all of the hard work (assistant coaches) Sergio Espinoza and Matt Weaver have put in this fall."
The Head of the Lake was the final race of the fall for the Washington men, while the women will row once more next Saturday at the Head of the Lagoon in Foster City, Calif.
Washington Men's Lineups
Men's Collegiate/Open 8+ Ben Porter Cup
Bow 1: Varsity 8+
Shell: Grand Challenger
Cox: Zach Casler
Stroke: Logan Ullrich
7: Jack Walkey
6: Simon van Dorp
5: Gert-Jan van Doorn
4: Peter Lancashire 
3: Steve Rosts
2: Sebastian Ritter
Bow: Robert Pluijmert 
Men's Collegiate JV8+
Bow 8: Second Varsity 8+
Shell: Carl Lovsted
Cox: Adam Gold
Stroke: Nils Vorberg
7: Adam Krol
6: Pablo Matan
5: Max Heid
4: Max Mason
3: Colin Kwiecinski 
2: Gus Altucher 
Bow: Caleb Cowles
Men's Collegiate 3V8+
Bow 24: Men's Third Varsity 8+ A
Shell: John W. Jacobi
Cox: Max Schwartzkopff
Stroke: Cormac Kennedy-Leverett
7: Jack Premzic
6: Mattijs Holler
5: Archie Drummond
4: Chase Barrows
3: Louis Gallia IV
2: Chandler Kovacevich 
Bow: Giulio Acernese 
Bow 25: Third Varsity 8+ B Freshman 
Shell: Alumnus/Swiftsure
Cox: Kieran Joyce 
Stroke: Marius Ahlsand
7: Harry Fitzpatrick
6: Harry Hall
5: Jonathan Wang-Norderud
4: Eric Seawright
3: Alex Gonin
2: Parker Raines
Bow: Blake Vogel
Bow 26: Third Varsity 8+ C Freshmen
Shell: Warren Helgerson
Cox: Casey Neumann
Stroke: Quinn Cooney
7: Marlon Bayer
6: Connor Shoup 
5: Jack Patzer
4: Michael Thiers
3: Luke Henry
2: Augustus Ashcraft
Bow: Noel Roberts 
Championship Men's 4+ Sponsored by Pocock Racing Shells
Bow 156: Varsity 4+ A
Shell: USA #1
Cox: Nicole Gooding
Stroke: Mattijs Holler
3: Robert Pluijmert 
2: Archie Drummond 
Bow: Jack Premzic
Bow 157: Varsity 4+ B
Shell: USA #2
Cox: Thomas Wenk 
Stroke: Max Mason
3: Caleb Cowles
2: Chase Barrows
Bow: Colin Kwiecinski 
Bow 158: Varsity 4+ C
Shell: Lou Gellermann
Cox: Athena Baches
Stroke: Eric Seawright
3: Harry Fitzpatrick 
2: Harry Hall
Bow: Jonathan Wang-Norderud
Bow 160: Varsity 4+ D
Shell: Clipper Too
Cox: Drew Brown
Stroke: Marius Ahlsand 
3: Alex Gonin
2: Parker Raines 
Bow: Blake Vogel
Washington Women's Lineups
Championship Women's 8+ Sponsored by Pocock Racing Shells
Bow 10
Shell: Title IX Tenacity
Cox: Anna Ellis
Stroke: Ella Cossill
7: Nikki Martincic
6: Taylor Buell
5: Joïe Zier
4: Brittani Shappell
3: Laurel Safranek
2: Katie Dolan
Bow: Fiona Shields
Bow 11
Shell: Title IX Sisterhood
Cox: Izzy Angulo
Stroke: McKenna Bryant
7: Carmela Pappalardo
6: Holly Drapp
5: Abby Adebiyi
4: Atlanta Bruce
3: Claire Marion
2: Victoria Park
Bow: Katherine Slack
Collegiate Women's JV8+
Bow 19
Shell: Erickson Family
Cox: Taylor Tran
Stroke: Lauren Kirschner
7: Ava Meuleman
6: Eliza Perry
5: Brianna Hoffman
4: Grace Rimmer
3: Gabriella Engel
2: Molly Wiser
Bow: Sophie Koehler