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USC Women's Rowing Places First in Four Races at San Diego Fall Classic

Nov 14, 2021

SAN DIEGO--The USC women's rowing team had a successful day competing in their final fall regatta today (Nov. 14) at the San Diego Fall Classic at Mission Bay - Crown Point in San Diego. They showed great promise for the upcoming season as Trojan boats placed first in four of the five races they competed in. USC won the Women's Frosh/Novice 8+, the Women's Open 1x, the Women's Open 2- and the Women's Open 4+. 

"We want to thank Chris Callaghan and the San Diego Rowing Club for a great regatta," said head coach Josh Adam. "It's always fun to be racing in 88 degree weather in November! Today, the team executed everything we have been doing in practice. We gained some further momentum as we head into winter training."

For full results and boatings from the regatta, see below. 

The morning began with the Women's Open 8+ where the USC A Boat, coxed by Olivia Lau, finished in second place with a time of 16:53.775. They were 00:15.621 behind the first place boat. The USC C Boat, coxed by Annika Christensen placed third with a time of 17:04.044, and the USC B Boat, coxed by Bella DeBenedetti clocked in a final time of 17:36.355 to secure fifth place. 

The Women's Open 1x was next, and the Trojans proved to be victorious. Trojan sophomore Grete Alttoa won the race with a time of 20:30.129, and USC freshman Isabella Lysaker locked in second place with a final time of 21:39.013.

In the Women's Frosh/Noivce 8+, USC secured another victory. The Trojan boat, coxed by Dilan Johnson, placed first with a final time of 18:02.647. They were 00:46.231 ahead of the second place boat. 

The Trojans claimed their third win of the day as the USC F Boat (Braglia and Franckevica) placed first in the Women's Open 2- with a time of 21:07.720. The USC A Boat (Marino and Cabula) finished in a close second place with a time of 21:11.250, just 00:03.530 behind the first place boat. USC's E Boat (Widzgowski and Brast) placed fourth at 21:20.632, and the USC B Boat (Van De Grift and Megill) finished in fifth with a 21:25.860 time. Finally, the USC D Boat (Meakin and Washburn) rounded up the Trojan entries with a ninth place finish and a 22:10.346 time. 

USC won its final race of the day as the USC B Boat, coxed by Eden Cooper-Squires, placed first in the Women's Open 4+ with a final time of 18:44.646. The USC A Boat, coxed by Lillian Lau, placed second clocking in a time of 18:49.490, just 00:04.844 behind the first place boat. 

The Trojans will have a break in their rowing action until the spring season, which begins with a scrimmage against Loyola Marymount and San Diego on Saturday, Feb. 12 in the Port of Los Angeles.

2021 San Diego Fall Classic
San Diego Rowing Club
Misson Bay - Crown Point | San Diego, Calif.
Nov. 14, 2021


Women's Open 8+ Results
1 USD B 16:38.154
2 USC A 16:53.775
3 USC C 17:04.044
4 UCSD B 17:20.154
5 USC B 17:36.355
6 USD A 17:51.951
7 USD C 17:55.743
8 UCSD C 18:03.002
9 UCSD A 18:08.765
10 UCSB A 19:01.382
11 UCSB B 19:39.184


Women's Open 8+Boatings
USC Boat A USC Boat B USC Boat C
Cox Olivia Lau Cox Bella DeBenedetti Cox Annika Christensen
Stk. Jenna Van de Grift Stk. Chiara Meakin Stk. Sophia Bogert
7 Cecilie Brünnich Sørensen 7 Ingrid Brast 7 Ludovica Braglia
6 Grete Alttoa 6 Celia Marino 6 Anastasia Slivina
5 Anna Molnar 5 Ieva Medelinskaite 5 Mimi Morgan
4 Annabel Aron 4 Olivia Passanisi-Boullet 4 Claudia Cabula
3 Isabella Lysaker 3 Ryleigh Megill 3 Annika Crvarich
2 Clare Widzgowski 2 Evita Franckevica 2 Monica Kwan
Bow Zoe McCutcheon Bow Sonja Washburn Bow Lauren Bronstrup


Women's Frosh/Novice 8+ Results
1 USC 18:02.647
2 ASU A 18:48.878
3 UCSD A 18:56.777
4 OCC A 20:27.239
5 UCI A 21:30.497
6 USD A 21:36.822
7 ASU B 21:48.652
8 UCI B 22:04.408
9 OCC B 24:15.299


Women's Frosh/Novice 8+ Boatings
USC Boat A
Cox Dilan Johnson
Stk. Rhese Abrams
7 Jane Cox
6 Shelby Fary
5 Caitlin McTygue
4 Iva Lazic
3 Irene Brown
2 Fiona Batstone
Bow Jessie Davila


Women's Open 4+ Results
1 USC B 18:44.646
2 USC A 18:49.490
3 USD A 19:48.753
4 UCSD A 20:14.051
5 USD B 20:33.426
6 UCSD B 20:56.794
7 UCI A 21:01.454
8 USD C 21:55.441
9 UCSD C 22:30.610


Women's Open 4+ Boatings
USC Boat A USC Boat B
Cox Lillian Lau Cox Eden Cooper-Squires
4 Shelby Fary 4 Olivia Passanisi-Boullet
3 Ludovica Braglia 3 Isabella Lysaker
2 Clare Widzgowski 2 Annabel Aron
Bow Ryleigh Megill Bow Zoe McCuttcheon


Women's Open 2- Results
1 USC F 21:07.720
2 USC A 21:11.250
3 USD B 21:17.209
4 USC E 21:20.632
5 USC B 21:25.860
6 USC C 21:32.254
7 USD A 21:33.938
8 USD C 22:06.037
9 USC D 22:10.346
10 USD D 22:24.369
11 ASU A 24:30.118


Women's Open 2- Boatings
USC Boat A USC Boat B USC Boat C USC Boat D USC Boat E USC Boat F
2 Celia Marino 2 Jenna Van De Grift 2 Annabel Aron 2 Chiara Meakin 2 Clare Widzgowski 2 Ludovica Braglia
Bow Claudia Cabula Bow Ryleigh Megill Bow Mimi Morgan Bow Sonja Washburn Bow Ingrid Brast Bow Evita Franckevica


Women's Open 1x Results
1 USC B 20:30.129
2 USC A 21:39.013
3 UCI A 21:53.474
4 CRSD A 23:16.790


Women's Open 1x Boatings
USC Boat A USC Boat B
Isabella Lysaker Grete Alttoa