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24 Pac-12 Wrestlers on first coaches’ ranking for 2022 DI Wrestling Championships

Jan 21, 2022
Tony Rotundo/Stanford Athletics

INDIANAPOLIS — The NCAA announced today the first coaches' ranking for the 2022 NCAA Division I Wrestling Championships. The list includes 24 Pac-12 wrestlers, with at least one in each of the 10 weight classes. 

The coaches’ rankings are determined by a vote of 14 coaches in each weight class with two head coaches from each of the seven conference. For ranking purposes, coaches may only consider a wrestler that has been designated as a starter at a respective weight class. Wrestlers must have five Division I matches in the weight class to be considered with at least one within the last 30 days.

The coaches ranking is one of several criteria that will be evaluated by the NCAA Division I Wrestling Committee during the at-large selection and seeding process along with head-to-head competition, quality wins, Ratings Percentage Index (RPI), conference tournament placement, results versus common opponents and win percentage.

The 2022 NCAA Division I Wrestling Championships take place March 17-19 at Little Caesars Arena in Detroit as the event returns to Michigan for the first time since being held in Auburn Hills, Michigan, in 2007.

No. 3 Brandon Courtney, Arizona State
No. 13 Barndon Baylor, Oregon State
No. 26 Antonio Lorenzo, Cal Poly
No. 4 Michael McGee, Arizona State
No. 11 Devan Turner, Oregon State
No. 14 Chance Rich, CSU Bakersfield
No. 28 Jackson DiSario, Stanford
No. 4 Real Woods, Stanford
No. 11 Grant Willits, Oregon State
No. 23 Angelo Martoni, CSU Bakersfield
No. 8 Kyle Parco, Arizona State
No. 12 Jaden Abas, Stanford
No. 28 Corey Crooks, Oregon State
No. 3 Jacori Teemer, Arizona State
No. 18 Hunter Willits, Oregon State
No. 3 Shane Griffith, Stanford
No. 5 Anthony Valencia, Arizona State
No. 25 Aaron Olmos, Oregon State
No. 28 Tyler Eischens, Stanford
No. 7 Bernie Truax, Cal Poly
No. 13 Trey Munoz, Oregon State
No. 11 Kordell Norfleet, Arizona State
No. 3 Cohlton Schultz, Arizona State
No. 10 Gary Traub, Oregon State