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Bears Look Good On Opening Day Of Crew Classic

Mar 26, 2022
The Bears saw all four boats finish in first or second on Saturday.

SAN DIEGO – The Cal women's rowing team had a tremendous showing in the opening day of the San Diego Crew Classic. All four boats finished either first or second, with all four boats advancing to their respective grand final on Sunday.

"The team did a great job today," said head coach Al Acosta. "It's the first time we've raced this year, so it was good to see the team do what they needed to do. Obviously, plenty to work on, but a solid first step for all boats."

The varsity eight boat finished second in their heat, just behind top finisher Texas. The Bears crossed the line with a time of 6:47.95 and will compete in the grand final of the Jessop-Whittier Cup Invitational tomorrow at 9:19 a.m.

Cal's V4+ boat also finished second, crossing the line with a time of 7:41.910. They will row in the final of the Karen Plumleigh Cortney Cup tomorrow at 10:23 a.m. Cal's 2V8+ boat won its heat, defeating Pac-12 rival USC by five-tenths of a second, finishing with a time of 6:55.14. They will row in the final of the Jackie Ann Stitt Hungness Trophy tomorrow at 10:47 a.m.

Cal's final race of the day was the 3V8+ boat competing in the open race. The Bears once again finished in second, once again finishing behind Texas. The Bears finished with a time of 6:47.98 and will race tomorrow at 12:31 p.m.

Saturday Results

Women's Collegiate Varsity Jessop-Whittier Cup Invitational – Heat 1
1. Texas 6:43.84
2. California 6:47.95
3. Washington 6:56.63
4. USC 6:58.95
5. UCLA 7:07.11
Women's Collegiate 2V Jackie Ann Stitt Hungness Trophy - Heat 1
1. California 6:55:15
2. USC 6:55.66
3. UCLA 7:13.35
4. Oklahoma 7:19.77
5. San Diego 7:25.90
6. Sacramento State 7:27.89
7. Marist 7:37.90
8. Portland 7:39.35
Women's Collegiate Varsity 4+ Karen Plumleigh Cortney Cup – Heat 1
1. Texas 7:35.31
2. California 7:41.91
3. Gonzaga 8:03.66
4. UCLA 8:09.06
5. MIT 8:27.78
6. Sacramento State 82:28.44
Women's Open Carley Copley Cup – Heat 2
1. Texas 6:41.12
2. California 6:47.98
3. Washington 6:54.26
4. Baja California State 7:02.14
5. USC 7:08.88
6. University of Calgary 7:19.20
7. Bates 7:36.90

Varsity 8+

Kaitlyn Turner (cox)
Fien van Westreenen (stroke)
Issy Cassidy
Juliane Faralisch
Toni Galland
Julia Hunt-Davis
Bella Oertel
Angela Szabo
Lucine Ahyi (bow)

Second Varsity 8+
Lily Wieland (cox)
Della Luke (stroke)
Sophie Ward
Ella Berger
Sophie Balson
Sammie Henricksen
Jane Perrignon
Katie McDermott
Tabo Stekelenburg (bow)

Varsity 4+
Charley Griffiths (cox)
Sophie Faliero (stroke)
Sophie Fussell
Miya Meskis
Caroline Fagg (bow)
Third Varsity 8+
Gracie Rullo (cox)
Carly Wright (stroke)
Filippa Ljunggren
Carlie Stipe
Dominique Marlin Andrews
Megan Culbert
Lily Rausser
Elyse McNamara-Pittler
Melissa Mackenzie (bow)