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No. 12 USC Rowing Concludes First Day of Pac-12 Invitational

Apr 9, 2022

LAS VEGAS – The No.12th ranked USC Women's Rowing hit the water at Lake Las Vegas on Saturday, April 9. The Women of Troy took on boats from Stanford, SMU, Penn, and Clemson.

  • Fr. Bella Debenedetti coxed for the Second Varsity Four. In the stroke seat was Chiara Meakin, then came Caitlin McTygue, Rhese Abrams and Ezi Emenike in the bow.
  • Sr. Lillian Lau sat in the coxswain seat for the Varsity Four. The Trojans stroke seat was occupied by Fiona Batstone. Then was Jane Cox, Jemima Morgan and in the bow was Sonja Washburn. 
  • Sr. Olivia Lau coxed for the Second Varsity Eight. In the stroke seat was Celia Marino. Following Marino was Ingrid Brast, Clare Widzgowski, Anna Molnar, Evita Franckevica, Ryleigh Megill, Anastasiia Slivina, and in the bow was Isabella Lysaker.  
  • Sr. Eden Cooper-Squires coxed for the Trojan's Varsity Eight Boat. Jenna Van De Grift sat the stroke seat for the Trojans. Succeeding the stroke seat was Ludovica Braglia, Annabel Aron, Cecilie Brünnich Sørensen, Ieva Mendelinskaite, Claudia Cabula, Grete Alttoa and Zoe McCutcheon.


  • The Second Varsity Four was first on the water for the Trojans. With Bella Debenedetti as the coxswain, the Trojan boats came in second place with a time of 7:27.94. Stanford led the race with a time of 7:09.62. Clemson was 13 seconds behind the Trojan's crew with a time of 7:40.79. 
  • The Varsity Four was next on the water. As Lillian Lau coxed, the Women of Troy crossed the finish line second with a time of 7:08.44. The Stanford boat came in with a time of 7:03.99 which was the fastest time in the race. Six seconds behind the Trojan boat was SMU, with a time of 7:14.22.
  • The Second Varsity Eight was the third race for the Trojans. Coxswain Olivia Lau guided the Trojans to a second place finish with a time of 6:32.99. Stanford finished in first place with a time of 6:22.23. The Women of Troy were ahead of Penn by one second, with Penn's time at 6:33.54. 
  • The Varsity Eight finished off the day for the Trojans. Coxswain Eden Cooper-Squires led the Women of Troy to fourth place with a time of 6:32.59. The Trojan boat was five seconds behind SMU's boat with SMU's time being 6:27.83. 


  • USC is back on Lake Las Vegas tomorrow, Sunday April 10. The Women of Troy take on Alabama, Washington State and Washington. The start times are listed down below.    

Sunday, April 10 –
Second Varsity 4+ - 8:20 a.m. 
Varsity 4+ - 9:20 a.m. 
Second Varsity 8+ - 10:20 a.m. 
Varsity 8+ - 11:20 a.m. 

  • For more information on the USC women's rowing team, a complete schedule, and results, please visit Fans of the Women of Troy can follow the team on Instagram and on Twitter @uscwomensrowing.

Live Stream: 
To watch a live stream of the invitational, follow @LakeLasVegasRowingClub on Facebook. 


Second Varsity Four Varsity Four Second Varsity Eight Varsity Eight
1 07:09.62 Stanford 1 07:03.99 Stanford 1 06:22.23 Stanford 1 06:19.69 Stanford
07.27.94 USC 2 07:08.44 USC 2 06:32.99 USC 2 06:25.09 PENN
3 07.40.79 Clemson 3 07:14.22 SMU 3 06:33.54 PENN 3 06:27.83 SMU
4 07: 20.48 PENN 06:35.99 SMU  06:32.59 USC
Cox Belle Debenedetti Cox Lillian Lau Cox Olivia Lau Cox Eden Cooper-Squires
4 Chiara Meakin 4 Fiona Batstone  Stk. Celia Marino Stk. Jenna Van De Grift 
3 Caitlin Mctygue  3 Jane Cox  7 Ingrid Brast 7 Ludovica Braglia  
2 Rhese Abrams  2 Jemima Morgan  Clare Widzgowski 6 Annabel Aron
Bow Ezi Emenike Bow Sonja Washburn  5 Anna Molar  5 Cecilie Brünnich Sørensen 
4 Evita Franckevica  4 Ieva Mendelinskaite
Ryleigh Megill 3 Claudia Cabula
Anastasiia Slivina 2 Grete Alttoa
Bow Isabella Lysaker Bow Zoe McCutcheon