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UCLA Competes on Day One at Lake Las Vegas

Apr 9, 2022
UCLA competes at the Pac-12 Invitational this weekend (photo by Jesus Ramirez)

HENDERSON, Nev. – The UCLA women's rowing program recorded a pair of third-place finishes on the first day of the two-day Pac-12 Invitational at Lake Las Vegas on Saturday morning.
The Bruins' varsity eight and varsity four crews finished in third place in a four-boat heat, while the Bruins' second varsity eight and second varsity four crews had a fourth-place finish.

UCLA's races on Sunday, April 10, will begin at approximately 8:00 a.m. (PT). Fans can follow the live results for Sunday's races at the Lake Las Vegas rowing Facebook page (available here).  

UCLA's varsity eight boat posted a final time of 6:35.01 on Saturday, crossing the finish line ahead of No. 19 Alabama in the Bruins' fourth and final race of the morning. Alabama registered a final time of 6:42.25. No. 3 California (6:23.35) won the varsity eight race, while No. 18 Oregon State (6:32.32) finished second.
The Bruins' second varsity eight crew recorded a final time of 6:39.45, crossing the finish line behind California (6:25.17), Oregon State (6:32.32) and Alabama (6:35.88).
UCLA's varsity four crew registered a final time of 7:22.81, racing ahead of No. 19 Alabama by nearly 11 seconds (7:33.02). No. 3 California (7:07.77) finished first and No. 18 Oregon State (7:14.85) recorded a second-place finish.
UCLA's second varsity four crossed the finish line with a time of 7:37.50. California (7:15.17) won the 2V4+ race, ahead of Oregon State (7:23.95) and Alabama (7:36.12).
The Bruins' program will return to action on Sunday morning. UCLA's varsity eight crews and varsity four crew will take on No. 4 Stanford, Clemson and Iowa. The Bruins' second varsity four crew will compete against No. 4 Stanford and No. 19 Alabama.
Schedules for these races are tentative (pending weather, the order could flip).
The Bruins' Sunday Schedule
8:00 a.m., 2V4+ (Group A) – vs. Alabama and Stanford
9:40 a.m., V4+ (Group C) – vs. Clemson, Iowa and Stanford
10:40 a.m., 2V8+ (Group C) – vs. Clemson, Iowa and Stanford
11:40 a.m., V8+ (Group C) – vs. Clemson, Iowa and Stanford
* * * *
Saturday's Racing Results
Varsity Eight (Group A)
California – 6:23.35
Oregon State – 6:27.81
UCLA – 6:35.01
Alabama – 6:42.25
Second Varsity Eight (Group A)
California – 6:25.17
Oregon State – 6:32.32
Alabama – 6:35.88
UCLA – 6:39.54
Varsity Four (Group A)
California – 7:07.77
Oregon State – 7:14.85
UCLA – 7:22.81
Alabama – 7:33.02
Second Varsity Four (Group A)
California – 7:15.17
Oregon State – 7:23.95
Alabama – 7:36.12
UCLA – 7:37.50
Saturday's Racing Lineups
Varsity Eight: (stroke) Olivia Caesar, (7) Sara Mittman, (6) Olivia Hay, (5) Emily Sutherland, (4) Mia Glinn, (3) Polly Wenlock, (2) Ellen Ulitsky, (bow) Irene Ulitsky, (coxswain) Sydney Page.
Second Varsity Eight: (stroke) Paula Jaramillo, (7) Ella O'Neil, (6) Rosemary Varney, (5) Margaux Bomsta, (4) Jade Raby, (3) Sarah Coufal, (2) Jane DiLauro, (bow) Lucy Holgate, (coxswain) Sofia Papini.
Varsity Four: (stroke) Danielle Hoekstra, (3) Paige Ortzman, (2) Audrey Petersen, (bow) Elsa Couvillon, (coxswain) Jianna Ursitti.
Second Varsity Four: (stroke) Brianna Wray, (3) Julia Adey, (2) Sophie Frey, (bow) Austyn Sirmon, (coxswain) Ella Van Fleet.