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Coach A’s Newsletter: Final Pac-12 Series

May 12, 2022

We are entering our last Pac-12 series of the year and everything we want is in front of us to go get. Nothing is going to be handed to us. We are on the road playing a talented Oregon State team and we need to put it all together to win. 

We talk about pressure being a "privilege" and boy is it this weekend! We've earned the opportunity to be in the hunt for an at-large bid into the postseason and our chances for a spot depend on our success these next three days. 

This is everything you hope for as a team. Something worth playing for at this time of the year is nothing but the best! 

We are absolutely going to go for it! Full throttle. Everything we've got. No holding back. 

We are playing our best ball as a team right now. It's the perfect time for us to have this much on the line because our confidence is high on both sides of the game. 

Cheer for the Utes no matter where you are tonight! We start soon and the game times for the next two days are a little bit in the air because of the weather we are having here. So, stay tuned each day so you can follow us through the weekend!

Go Utes!!!!!

Coach A

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