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Spring Academic Honor Roll

Jul 12, 2022

STANFORD, Calif. – Stanford was recognized with a conference-best 227 student-athletes named to the Pac-12 Spring Academic Honor Roll, as announced on Tuesday morning.

Any student-athlete on their respective team roster with a cumulative grade-point average of 3.3 or above, and who has served at least one year in residence at the institution, is eligible for the distinction.

The 2022 Spring Academic Honor Roll includes 1,098 student-athletes who participated in the Conference-sponsored sports of baseball, beach volleyball, men's and women's golf, women's lacrosse, men's and women's rowing, softball, men's and women's tennis, and men's and women's outdoor track and field.

As approved by the Conference's Faculty Athletics Representatives, any student-athlete competing in an NCAA-sponsored or emerging sport at a Pac-12 institution, regardless of league sponsorship, is also eligible for Academic Honor Roll recognition and includes 122 student-athletes from the spring sports of acrobatics and tumbling, men's lacrosse, men's volleyball, and women's water polo.

Baseball (21)

Name Major
Brett Barrera Science, Technology & Society
Drew Bowser Undeclared
Jaden Bruno Undeclared
Ryan Bruno Undeclared
Owen Cobb Management Science & Engineering
Adam Crampton Science, Technology & Society
Drew Dowd Undeclared
Nathan Fleischli Computer Science
Henry Gargus Science, Technology & Society
Carter Graham Undeclared
Cole Hinkelman Science, Technology & Society
Kody Huff Management Science & Engineering
Brock Jones Science, Technology & Society
Austin Kretzschmar Management Science & Engineering
Nicolas Lopez Human Biology
Quinn Mathews Science, Technology & Society
Max Meier Science, Technology & Society
Brandt Pancer Undeclared
Eddie Park Undeclared
Matt Swartz Economics
Tommy Troy Undeclared

Beach Volleyball (12)

Name Major
Abby Converse Undeclared
Maddie Dailey Neurobiology
Charlie Ekstrom Architectural Design
Ellie Gamberdella Undeclared
Maya Harvey Undeclared
Xolani Hodel Undeclared
Zeena Khazendar Human Biology
Maddi Kriz Biochemistry and Biophysics
Kylee Matheson Human Biology
Jordan McKinney Neurobiology
Kate Reilly Undeclared
Emmy Sharp Undeclared

Men's Golf (6)

Name Major
Jake Beber-Frankel Undeclared
Barclay Brown Economics
Nate Menon Political Science/Psychology
Ethan Ng Psychology
Henry Shimp Management Science & Engineering (MS)
Daulet Tuleubayev Computer Science

Men's Outdoor Track and Field (25)

Name Major
Liam Anderson Public Policy
Meika Beaudoin-Rousseau Human Biology
Thomas Boyden Undeclared
Evan Burke Human Biology
Liam Conway Bioengineering
Marcus Floyd Architectural Design
Andrew Franco Biochemical Engineering
Devin Hart Management Science & Engineering
J.T. Herrscher Aeronautics & Astronautics
Charles Hicks Cognitive Science
Allan Hunter Undeclared
Keyshawn King Undeclared
John Kroeger Undeclared
Sam Liokumovich Undeclared
Max Manson Geological Sciences
Max McKhann Economics
Ryan Oosting Product Design
DJ Principe Economics
Ky Robinson Undeclared
Joshua Schumacher Economics
Dorien Simon Computer Science
Cole Sprout Undeclared
James Stevens Undeclared
Kevin Yang Undeclared
Miles Zoltak Symbolic Systems

Men's Rowing (22)

Name Major
Tyler Baumann Economics
Kyle Bergstedt Chemical Engineering
Scott Buzard Bioengineering
Peter Chatain Mathematics
Jack Clark Management Science and Engineering
David Dunn Undeclared
Ben Felter Computer Science
Valeria Gonzalez Political Science
Paul Gorka Classics
Joseph Guman Computer Science
Jacopo Mascitelli Computer Science
Nick Mayhew Computer Science
Joey O'Brien Computer Science
Travis Senf Undeclared
Elysia Smyers Symbolic Systems
Henry Stewart Bioengineering
Tibor Thompson Computer Science
Flynn Traeger Computer Science
Alec Walter Undeclared
Porter Weisberg Computer Science
Nick Woehrle Undeclared
James Wright Mechanical Engineering

Men's Tennis (10)

Name Major
Aryan Chaudhary Undeclared
Arthur Fery Undeclared
Axel Geller Management Science & Engineering
Filip Kolasinski Symbolic Systems
Tomas Kopczynski Symbolic Systems
Alex Lee Undeclared
Alexandre Rotsaert Science, Technology & Society
Timothy Sah Computer Science
Sangeet Sridhar Economics
Dean Stratakos Computer Science

Men's Volleyball (14)

Name Major
Adam Chang Management Science & Engineering
Hunter Dickey Political Science
Nathaniel Gates Economics
Ethan Hill Management Science & Engineering
Chris Kelly Undeclared
Kevin Lamp Architecture
Aaron Li Computer Science
Nathan Lietzke Biology
Justin Lui Management Science & Engineering
Matt Martinez Undeclared
Gabriel Miranda Economics
Aidan Peters Undeclared
Will Rottman Real Estate Development in Engineering
Luke Turner Undeclared

Softball (15)

Name Major
Tatum Boyd Human Biology
Kate Cressey Psychology
Chloe Doyle Undeclared
Ellee Eck Undeclared
Taylor Gindlesperger Science, Technology & Society
Sydnee Huff Earth Systems
Emily Klingaman Environmental Systems Engineering
Caelan Koch Undeclared
Regan Krause Undeclared
Kaitlyn Lim Science, Technology & Society
Hannah Matteson Psychology
Molly Millar Molecular, Cell & Developmental Biology
Emily Schultz Human Biology
Alana Vawter Management Science & Engineering
Emily Young Aeronautics & Astronautics

Women's Golf (7)

Name Major
Rebecca Becht Earth Systems
Sadie Englemann Undeclared
Rachel Heck Undeclared
Aline Krauter International Relations
Calista Reyes Product Design
Brooke Seay Human Biology
Angelina Ye Political Science

Women's Lacrosse (25)

Name Major
Ali Baiocco Science, Technology & Society
Maggie Bellaschi Sociology
Natalie Bond Psychology
Jay Browne Sociology
Emma Capanna Undeclared
Mackenzie Chapman Human Biology
Caitlin Chicoski Human Biology
Olivia Geoghan Undeclared
Katy Gilbert Undeclared
Trudie Grattan Human Biology/Earth Systems (MA)
Julia Greene Human Biology
Anna Griffith Engineering
Ashley Humphrey Undeclared
Dani Jacobstein Human Biology
Sarah Jaques Undeclared
Kelleigh Keating Economics
Ailish Kelly Undeclared
Galen Lew Science, Technology & Society/Media Communications (MA)
Sarah Looney Undeclared
Liana McDonnell Management Science & Engineering
Katie McMahon Undeclared
Sophia McMahon Undeclared
Caroline Mondiello Management Science & Engineering
Kara Rahaim Management Science & Engineering
Alex Tsai Computer Science/Management Science & Engineering (MS)

Women's Outdoor Track and Field (20)

Name Major
Christina Aragon Human Biology
Grace Connolly Human Biology
Ellie Deligianni Undeclared
Lily Flynn Economics
Jordan Fong Product Design
Morgan Foster Psychology
Kennedy Gamble Economics
Julia Heymach Management Science & Engineering (MS)
Lucy Jenks Undeclared
Allie Jones Human Biology
Kelly Kern Undeclared
Jessica Lawson Human Biology
Virginia Miller Economics
Megan Olomu Public Policy
Valerie Przekop Management Science & Engineering
Alex Stout Public Policy
Ellie Talius Cognitive Science
Samantha Thomas Undeclared
Allyson Weiss Biomechanical Engineering
Laurel Wong Human Biology

Women's Rowing (29)

Name Major
Annabelle Bachmann Human Biology
Belle Battistoni Undeclared
Lucy Black Science, Technology & Society
Julia Braz Undeclared
Esther Briz Zamorano Management Science & Engineering
Lettie Cabot Undeclared
Natalie Clemans Undeclared
Caia Costello Undeclared
Azja Czajkowski Product Design
Sophie Dixon Human Biology
Taylor English Undeclared
Katelin Gildersleeve Management Science & Engineering
Grace Kelly Management Science & Engineering
Mathilda Kitzmann Undeclared
Kaitlyn Kynast Communication
Beckie Leigh Undeclared
Kate Littlejohn Psychology
Sierra Lore Bioengineering
Grace McGinley Classics & Linguistics
Kelsey McGinley Product Design
Rachel Miller Human Biology
Eva Nates Mechanical Engineering
Kylie Oakes Undeclared
Brie Perry Psychology
Nicole Pofcher International Relations
Caroline Ricksen Symbolic Systems
Maddy Seybold Undeclared
Kieran Wallace Undeclared
Jill Weldon Mathematical & Computational Science

Women's Tennis (5)

Name Major
Angelica Blake Political Science
Sara Choy Biology
Ana Geller Undeclared
India Houghton Undeclared
Nicole Mossmer Science, Technology & Society

Women's Water Polo (18)

Name Major
Maya Avital Undeclared
Floranne Carroll Biology
Hannah Constandse Engineering
Aria Fischer English
Makenzie Fischer Mechanical Engineering
Chloe Harbilas Science, Technology & Society
Lauren Indart Human Biology
Skyler Jones Undeclared
Katie Lyons Human Biology
Ryann Neushul Undeclared
Megan Peterson Undeclared
Jewel Roemer Undeclared
Lexi Rowell Undeclared
Madison Stamen Sociology
Sam Sternfels Undeclared
Sophie Wallace Science, Technology & Society
Celeste Wijnbelt Undeclared
Talie Wilmans Undeclared