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Meet the Cougs Newest Member Alan Shibley

Nov 15, 2022

Coming off a year in which the Cougars finished with a winning record for the second consecutive season, there was plenty to build on as they look forward to the next year. One goal heading into the offseason was to get another player who could provide a spark not only in the batter's box, but on the base paths as well.

Enter Alan Shibley.

Alan Shibley, an Oklahoma native, has spent the last few years at San Jacinto Junior College in Houston, Texas. The start of his career saw Shibley put up impressive numbers across 2 seasons. His most recent season, however, was his most complete one yet and should have Cougar fans beyond excited about what he can potentially add to the lineup. In 62 games last year, not only did Shibley bat .358 to go along with 11 home runs and 55 RBI, but also led his team to the JUCO world series, making him one of the most sought-out transfers in the country.

We got the chance to sit down with Shibley, discussing his decision to come to WSU, his goals to this season, and much more. Here is what Shibley had to say…

First off, congrats on the season that you were able to put together last year. Talk to me about the transition from Juco to the Pac 12. How has the adjustment period been so far and how difficult, if at all, has the transition been for you?

It's been different. It's definitely been a noticeable difference coming from a juco to a power 5 conference. The facilities that you have access to at these division 1 schools is second-to-none,along with the benefits you receive, doesn't even come close in comparison if I'm being honest. The coaching staff, along with the players, have also made the transition a lot easier than I thought, so now I'm just excited to get going and get the season started.

How did you decide that WSU was the best school for you?

The biggest factors for me are development and trust. I had multiple talks with the coaching staff, while also visiting the campus a few times, and every time it felt very welcoming. Them being the first power 5 school to come talk to me already put them at an advantage, while the talks and visits did nothing to deter that. The staff repeated their desires to form relationships with the players, not just to produce a winning product on the field, so the trust can be there off the field as well, which was huge for me.

How many schools were recruiting you?

At the beginning of my third year, I was talking to four teams: WSU, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, and Arizona State. For a while, I had Arizona State as my top school, but after continuous talks with all 4 schools, it became increasingly clear that WSU was the school who wanted me and valued what I brought to the table.

As aforementioned, the lineup went through its fair share of struggles last year, especially when it came time for conference play. How does the team plan on integrating you into the lineup, and what do you see yourself bringing to the table?

Honestly, right now I'm kind of here working every day and doing whatever it is the coaches ask of me. I already know that I have the tools to be able to play at the Pac-12 level, but right nowI'm just soaking in all the information that I can get from coaches, listening to what they have to say, and translating it to the practice field and hopefully you'll be able to see come spring.

With a lot of new faces this season, what is the vibe surrounding the team as you head into the season?

That's definitely been a topic of discussion amongst us all. We knew we underachieved last year, and we plan on using that as motivation for this year. We have a lot of depth and talent on this team, but so far, the biggest thing has been the camaraderie between us. We all like playing with one another, and I think you'll be able to see that on the field this year, resulting in us winning a ton of games.

Last year you were very effective at stealing bases, stealing 20 while only being caught 3 times. Are there certain things that you look for once you get on base, and furthermore, how will you be able to translate those numbers to this season, going up against tougher competition?

When I get on base, I'm always looking for ways to get to the next base. I'm able to pick up on little things, whether it's a ball in the dirt or timing up the pitcher, so the mindset for me is just how can I get to the next base and help my team score some runs. It's definitely tougher competition this year but I'm looking forward to it.

What are some of the personal goals that you have set for yourself coming into this year?

Number 1 goal is to definitely get drafted. I've set a pretty high standard for myself, not only getting drafted but have it be in the first five rounds, meaning I have to put up a very good season to have a chance at doing so. I've been putting in the work on the field and in the weight room, so I feel like I've got a shot.