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Postgraduate Scholarship Program

In 1999, the Pac-12 Conference created a Postgraduate Scholarship Program to honor and provide assistance for graduate study to outstanding student‐athletes from its member institutions who also are outstanding scholars. 

Each year, the Conference awards up to 24 scholarships of $9,000 each to student‐athletes who have excelled academically and athletically, have completed their intercollegiate athletics eligibility, and have been accepted into a program of postgraduate study. Each Pac-12 institution can select two current or former student-athletes, one man and one woman, through its institutional selection process.  Although each institution can determine its own method of selection, the mission of the NCAA Postgraduate Scholarship Program (whose focus is on “rewarding those individuals whose dedication and effort are reflective of those characteristics necessary to succeed and thrive through postgraduate study in an accredited graduate program”) should guide the selections.

To be selected for a postgraduate scholarship, a student-athlete must have:

  • An overall undergraduate minimum cumulative grade-point average of 3.00 (based on a 4.00 scale);
  • Completed his/her final season of intercollegiate athletics eligibility in all sports or be in his/her final year of undergraduate study, having exhausted athletics eligibility in all sports;
  • Been accepted to or already be enrolled as a full-time student in a graduate or professional program at an accredited institution, or in a postgraduate program for which an undergraduate degree is required for admission;
  • Performed with distinction as a member of a varsity team; and
  • Exemplified behavior, both in competition and beyond, in a manner that has brought credit to the student-athlete, the institution, and intercollegiate athletics.

Institutions may nominate former student-athletes who are within three years of graduation, in lieu of a currently‐enrolled student-athlete. At the time of nomination, the student-athlete’s acceptance into his/her first graduate or professional program must be documented. 

The student-athlete will be evaluated on the basis of all undergraduate academic work completed at the time of selection.

Participation in campus and/or community service activities may be considered when choosing recipients. Institutions may also consider participation in activities in which the student-athlete serves as an example to other students and demonstrates leadership qualities.

Financial need is not a factor in granting these scholarships. Receiving awards from other sources does not make a selected recipient ineligible for Pac‐12 postgraduate scholarship. The Pac-12 Postgraduate Scholarships are one‐time grants and are not renewable. The eligibility period for the award is two years from the date of the award. Student‐athletes who wish to defer the award for a longer period must contact the Conference office prior to the expiration of the two‐year period.  Awarding institutions will be consulted to determine whether or not a deferment will be granted.

The funds may only be used for full‐time enrollment in graduate or professional degree program at an accredited university, or in a degree‐granting or professional program for which a baccalaureate is required for admission. The scholarships cannot be used to complete prerequisites for graduate school or for non‐degree or certificate programs (e.g., paralegal or paramedic classes).  Exceptions to these requirements will not be granted; there is no appeals process.

Timeline for Selection of Pac-12 Postgraduate Scholarship Recipients


Information packets are sent electronically from the Conference office to Faculty Athletics Representatives, and other institutional personnel are notified.


Institutions carry out a process to select two current or former student‐athletes as recipients, one male and one female, for the scholarships. Each institution must complete and submit the information packet for selected student‐athletes, including accomplishments (academic and athletic), student‐athletes’ data forms, and personal statements. Note that the NCAA Postgraduate Scholarship or Byers Award application form may be substituted for the Pac‐12 form.


Deadline for institution to submit application materials for its two selected recipients to the Conference office.


Conference office announces the names of the recipients of the Pac‐12 postgraduate scholarships through a Conference press release.


Conference office sends scholarship funds directly to the graduate institution once verification of enrollment form is received.