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MacIntyre Says Friday’s Work Is Buffs’ Best So Far

Aug 23, 2013
BOULDER – After 22 practices in the heat of fall camp, coach Mike MacIntyre’s first Colorado football team may have put forth its finest effort on Friday.  And with the opening kickoff just nine days away, it couldn’t have come at a better time.
“I thought today was our best, sharpest, crispest practice the whole fall,” MacIntyre said. “It’s about time, but I thought that was good. I think they’re starting to get everything and understand everything.”
The near-flawless session comes after three weeks of physically demanding practices in which players have had to deal with several days of blistering temperatures as well as the game’s physical demands. A certain level of consistency throughout practice has helped players overcome those hindrances, with Friday’s impressive effort the direct result.
“We’ve kind of had people in the same places now for a little while so I think that helped us a lot,” MacIntyre said. “I was pleased with today’s practice more than I have been all fall.”
That level of consistency also tends to include a steady dose of hitting which tends to raise the level of animosity between teammates.  MacIntyre and his players are excited that they will soon be able to transfer that hostility towards an opponent before things reach a boiling point on the practice field.
“I definitely think we’re ready to kickoff. I’m tired of hitting (our guys),” cornerback Kenneth Crawley said. “We’re going to end up injuring each other so we need to just start playing.”
The Buffs will conduct their final pre-season scrimmage – basically a dress rehearsal-style walk-through – on Saturday before they begin the final week of preparation on Monday for the opening game against rival Colorado State on September 1.
The game itself is something that has been highlighted by MacIntyre and his staff since they arrived in Boulder in January, and he knows the team is peaking at exactly the right time.
“I’m really, really excited about it and I know our players are, too,” MacIntyre said. “This is a 365 day a year type game for both schools and what I mean by that is you are going to hear about it for 365 days a year. It’s really important. Our kids are really looking forward to going to Denver and playing a great rival and it’s a lot of fun for the state. Everywhere I go I hear about it and I think we’re going to be ready.”