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Wildcats Volunteer at Jim Click Run ‘N’ Roll

Oct 7, 2013

TUCSON, Ariz. The Arizona women’s swim team volunteered their time at the Jim Click Run ‘N’ Roll on the U of A campus on Sunday morning. The event had over 500 participants in the 8K run and 14 participants in the wheelchair 5K, while there was also a fun run/walk 3K.

The Wildcats aided the runners with water and lap counts, while also providing support throughout the morning.

For 30 years Jim Click has been racing to support the Adaptive Athletic Program at the University of Arizona.  His involvement began in 1981 when Richard Nolen, a body repair man working for Mr. Click, was injured in a touch football game with a group of his co-workers. His injury, a broken his neck, left him a C 6-7 quadriplegic. Jim visited Richard in the hospital assuring him he would do all he could to help him, and he did.  After extensive rehab in Colorado Richard returned to the UA and began participating in the Adaptive Athletic Program.

The Jim Click Run n Roll is an annual event that has given the Adaptive Athletic Program the needed funds to become a national leader in wheelchair sports. This race is an acknowledgment of Jim and Vicki Click’s support of the Adaptive Athletic Program, which has now become a national model.

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