Lindquist On Twitter Account: ‘We Made It As Kind Of A Joke’

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By Mason Kelley

When Jeff Lindquist was a sophomore at Mercer Island High School, all of his friends started to launch Twitter accounts.

At the time, though, diving into social media didn’t seem like the best idea. It seemed like it could be fun, but he didn’t want to take it seriously. So, instead of setting up a personal account, he joined forces with his high-school teammate and best friend, Alex Wood.

“Before Twitter got huge, we made it as kind of a joke,” Lindquist said. “We didn’t actually want to have our own, because if Twitter went south, we didn’t want to say we had our own Twitter.

The end result is the @WoodyAndBuzz510 handle, and it lives on, even though Lindquist is now a quarterback at Washington and Wood is a kicker at USC.

“It just kind of started and we never got rid of it,” Lindquist said. “We don’t tweet seriously from it. It’s just kind of a fun thing we do.”

Lindquist and Wood only use the account a few times a month. They don’t consider it a way to keep it touch. They treat it as a platform to say something silly, while giving shout-outs to their friends.

“Hopefully our friendship doesn’t get to the point where we have to use Twitter to keep in touch with each other,” Lindquist said. “It’s kind of one of those things that ties us till we die, which is kind of fun.”

What started as a way to only “take half the blame if we get laughed at” on social media has created an enduring link between two friends. As their Twitter bio says the duo “combined forces to make one, super not-funny Twitter account.”

“Jeff begged me to keep the account with him, so he could show people all the funny tweets and claim them as his own,” Wood joked, teasing his friend through a text message. “No one ever knows.”

After discussing his foray in to social media, Lindquist summed up the second day of fall camp. The sophomore likes where the Huskies are headed.

“We’re still working our kinks, but I thought there was a progression from yesterday,” he said. “It was a good step.”

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