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Sun Devil Herman Frazier Entering Philadelphia Sports Hall of Fame

Aug 31, 2020

Sun Devil Olympic History | Herman Frazier Syracuse Background | Herman R. Frazier Political Science Scholarships

by Lorenzino Estrada, Sun Devil Communications Intern, ASU Class of 2020

Herman Frazier, Olympic gold medalist and former ASU athletics administrator, will be inducted into the Philadelphia Sports Hall of Fame on November 5, 2020. Frazier started his career as a collegiate athlete at Arizona State, becoming an eight-time All-American in track and field during the 1970's. Frazier would win a gold medal during the 1976 Olympic Games in Montreal in the 4x400 relay, as well as a bronze medal for the 400-meters.

In 1977, Frazier led the Sun Devils track and field team to an NCAA title, setting a world record in the 800-meter relay, American 800 and 880-yard relays, and NCAA one mile and 1,600 meter relay teams. Frazier continued to play a role with Sun Devil Athletics for the next 23 years after graduating, working in athletics administration and eventually becoming Senior Associate Athletic Director.

2012: James Harden (basketball); Amy LePeilbet (women's soccer)
2004: Dwight Phillips (long jump)
2000: Nick Hysong (pole vault); Agnes Kovacs (200 breastroke/Hungary)
1996: Attilla Czene (200 IM/Hungary); Justin Huish (archery individual and team); Maicel Malone (women's 4x400m relay)
1988: Jay Barrs (archery); Trey Dalbey (swimming, 400 free relay and 800 free relay)
1984: Ron Brown (men's 4x100m relay); Ria Stalman (discus/Netherlands)
1976: Herman Frazier (men's 4x400m relay)
1972: Melissa Belote-Ripley (women's 100 backstroke, 200 backstroke, 400 medley relay)
1968: Ron Freeman (men's 4x400 relay); Jan Henne-Hawkins (women's 100 freestyle); Bernie Wrightson (men's springboard)
1964: Joe Caldwell (men's basketball); Henry Carr (men's 200m dash and 4x400 relay); Ulis Williams (4x400m relay)

Since leaving ASU, Frazier has worked at University of Alabama at Birmingham, University of Hawaii, Temple University and Syracuse University, where he is currently Senior Deputy Athletics Director.

"ASU, even to this day, means so much to me," Frazier said. "I grew up on that campus. To this day, no matter where I go, where I work or whatever I'm labeled with, everybody always recognizes me as the guy from ASU. I learned so much from so many people who were instrumental in the success of my life."

The impact Frazier left on ASU resonates throughout the athletics program and those who worked with him closely, including John Spini, who coached women's gymnastics for 34 years and became head coach of the program at 25-years-old.

"He really mentored me a lot when I was young," Spini said. "He was an Olympian, a gold medalist but he always had such great values. He's a big role model for me."

During his tenure as an athletics administrator at ASU, Frazier oversaw 10 Olympic sports which earned numerous titles, as well as ASU Football which made the Rose Bowl in 1987 and 1997.

"No credible history of Arizona State Athletics can be written without prominently mentioning Herman Frazier," Tom Sadler said, President of Arizona Sports at Tourism Authority. "He was a pioneer as a student-athlete and as an administrator -- and his 2006 Lifetime Achievement Award from ASU reflects that. His legacy as one of the greatest Sun Devils is secure."

While no longer at ASU, Frazier continues to provide for Sun Devils with the Herman R. Frazier Political Science Scholarship at the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

The scholarship, first given out in 2002, recognizes the work of a "deserving political science student each year."

"I still try to get people to this day to give money, because I want the award to be much higher than it is now," Frazier said. "But to have a scholarship in my name, at my college, and the university is pretty cool."

Frazier's success over his athletic and administrative career has earned him numerous accolades, including the NCAA Silver Anniversary Award and Congressional Gold Medal, as well as being inducted into the Arizona Sports Hall of Fame and Sun Devil Hall of Fame.

Now the Philadelphia native will be etched in history by his city.

"There are some people in [Philadelphia Sports Hall of Fame] who I admire and watched as athletes. Charles Barkley is in there, and we're good friends. Going in the same time as Kobe Bryant and I watched him throughout his career. Larry Bowa, who is a good friend of mine, is in there. Mike Schmidt is in there, Dr. J is in there. So I think I'm going in with some pretty good athletes," he said with a chuckle.