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Douglas Scores Hat Trick in Soccer's 4-0 Shutout Win

Feb 7, 2021

TEMPE, Ariz. -- The Arizona State soccer team shutout New Mexico State, 4-0, with a boost from junior forward Nicole Douglas' hat trick on Sunday afternoon at Sun Devil Stadium.

"I think we played with good spirit," head coach Graham Winkworth said. "The team morale, not just the players on the pitch, but the players off the pitch, are just showing immense support. This is a full-squad effort, and I'm really happy."

The Sun Devils (2-0-0) dominated a physical 90 minutes against the Aggies (0-1-0), punctuated by a full-field effort. The Sun Devil press resulted in four stadium-worthy goals while the backfield tamed the Aggie offensive attempts. 

Veteran goalkeeper Giulia Cascapera made a huge save in the final minute to secure the shutout for ASU.

"I don't think either goalkeeper was too busy, which is a great thing from my perspective because it means we've defended well for the majority of the game… Clean sheets are important. She (Giulia) was called upon, and she played a great game, had a phenomenal save… I love the fact that when a goalkeeper is not busy for a long game and then pulls off a big save like that, it just shows that her concentration was there, and I'm really happy for her."

The last Sun Devil to score a hat trick was Douglas on Aug. 25, 2019, against Central Arkansas. Her three goals today urged her forward in the program's all-time career goals top-10. 

"I want to keep scoring goals," Douglas said of her personal goals in 2021. "But if it wasn't for my teammates providing those assists, then none of this would be possible. I'm grateful to them for making those assists for me, and hopefully, I can pay them back by doing the same for them in the future."


  • The Sun Devils pressured early in the match, forcing the Aggies on their heels. 
  • A physical game continued for a solid twenty minutes. Junior Nicole Douglas sought another goal after her two against UTEP on Thursday, aiming four shots on goal in 42 minutes. 
  • With the offensive energy ripe for goal-scoring, Olivia Nguyen and Nicole Douglas finally connected to score the game's first goal. 
  • ASU came out firing after halftime as junior Eva van Deursen scored her first goal of the season at 49:41. Senior Olive Jones notched the assist to put the Sun Devils up 2-0. 
  • Even with a double-goal lead, ASU kept the pedal to the metal. At 70:56, Douglas notched a goal with assists from van Deursen and Delgado. 
  • Less than eight minutes later, Douglas earned a hat trick with another assist from Delgado. On Sunday afternoon, her three goals further pushed Douglas into the program's top-10 all-time career goals, tying for No. 7 with 25.

The Sun Devils continue their non-conference schedule this Thursday and Sunday with a home-and-home series against cross-town rival, Grand Canyon University.

On progress from first match:
"I think we showed a lot of adaptability. We played a game with a different system, and I think that might have messed up the opposing team a little bit. I love the fact that the women are showing an advanced level of soccer IQ to what we might have shown in the past, and it didn't phase us one bit, so I'm really pleased with that. I think in both games, we started a little slow, but when we try to play and move the ball around and play attractive soccer, we create some really great chances, like Eva's today is a great example of moving the ball around and playing simple but attractive soccer."

On Nicole's mindset and leadership role:
"I think she was in even better condition in August to October and was really in a position to really be electric if we had a full season. Unfortunately, we didn't. She's working really hard to get that physical fitness level back up to where it should be. She has aspirations to play professional soccer when she graduates from ASU, and so, she's got to continue to raise her standards. I think she was phenomenal today; I want to stress that. She wants to play at the very top, so she's got to continue to take baby steps forward each game, and hopefully, one day, she'll attain her dreams. I'm sure she will."

On Nicole's career goals:
"I'm really proud of Dougie. She started this season very, very well, with five goals. But again, just like we have to defend the fullbacks in those areas, Dougie has to make sure she is still putting herself in positions to score. For me, it's not a case of how many goals she's scored or how many goals we score as a team, and it's more about creating good goal scoring chances. A top goal-scorer is not afraid to miss. A top goal-scorer puts herself in a position where you could really make a fi=ool of yourself by missing a simple opportunity. The key to being a top goal-scorer is finding the position and finding the ball in those positions because if you've got a skill set like Dougie, you'll score some goals. I was really proud of her today because she managed to put herself in a position to score, and those opportunities came off today."

On the chemistry between midfielders:
"At the beginning of this game, we were struggling a little bit, but during the game, we got it a little bit more. The press was very important; they were playing a lot of long balls and controlling those long balls and winning second balls and bringing the ball back down. In the second half, we played the press, and you could see through the game how we got better and created a lot of chances."

On performances thus far:
"What I've really like to start is our press and going together as a unit. Starting compact and going out for a press. Choosing the right moments, I think we're getting better at that. There's still lots to learn, this is our second match in 15 months, and I think the greatest thing we can improve on is keeping longer possession of the ball, staying calm on the ball, and finding the gaps in-between the backline and midfield of our opponents and getting crosses in."

On her quick start this season:
"My determination to get back on the field and do well, especially after 15 months, is what has driven me. I know we all wanted to make a statement, and that's what we've been doing so far. Personally, I've been working so hard to do well on the field, and hopefully, that showed today."

On aggressive mindset:
"I want to make a difference. Last year wasn't our best season, so I knew that I wanted to go out there this season and do my best and show people what I'm actually capable of, especially, personally, I felt I could do better than last season. Everyone on the team is a leader in their own special way, but being at the front and being aggressive is just the start of our press, and it will lead on throughout the team."

 On personal goals this season:
"I want to keep scoring goals. But if it wasn't for my teammates providing those assists, then none of this would be possible. I'm grateful to them for making those assists for me, and hopefully, I can pay them back by doing the same for them in the future."

On the trio of Douglas, Nguyen, Jones: 
"I think we've done exceptionally well. Olive and Liv are getting in those spaces out wide, and when I drop to receive the ball, they're always there on the front foot, making that run forward. It just always makes my job ten times easier, really, because I know they're gonna be there, and I know they're going to make that run, and they're determined to get in the box and put crosses in."

On career scoring record climb:
"I heard about my scoring record, and it is great to hear, and I'll keep pushing and pushing. Giving me a break is vital.