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Card Bests Broncos

Feb 22, 2021



STANFORD, Calif. - Stanford men's golf defeated Santa Clara in a match-play event on Monday at Stanford Golf Course, taking home eight points to clinch the victory. Santa Clara had five points. The morning featured nine medal matches while the afternoon was four pairs of fourball. Stanford won 5-of-9 morning matches while taking home 3-of-4 in the afternoon groupings.

Freshman Michael Thorbjornsen clinched a dominant 10-stroke victory in the morning by virtue of his 1-over 71. He then teamed up with fifth-year senior David Snyder in the afternoon for a 4&3 win. Snyder had the Cardinal's low score of the morning match with a 1-under 69. 

Nate Menon was also victorious in both matches, shooting a 2-over 72 in the morning before teaming up with Karl Vilips for a 6&5 victory in the afternoon. Ashwin Arasu and David Leede also clinched morning victories for Stanford, who led 5-to-4 following the first session. Ethan Ng and Barclay Brown paired up for a 3&2 victory in the afternoon. 

Monday's event marked the first time Stanford has played a countable event at Stanford Golf Course since winning the NCAA Regionals in May of 2019.

Stanford is back in action at The Cabo Collegiate in San Antonio, Texas, next Monday through Wednesday at TPC San Antonio.

Stanford vs. Santa Clara Medal Match

Note: This is a "Medal Match" round. Each match is scored by the cumulative number of strokes won by rather than the number of holes won. Up 3 means that the player is up by 3 strokes, not 3 holes. The player up by the most strokes after 18 holes wins the match.

Stanford Score Santa Clara
Karl Vilips (72, +2) SCU by 7 Matt McCarty (65, -5)
Michael Thorbjornsen (71, +1) STAN by 10 Alejandro Gutierrez (81, +11)
David Snyder (69, -1) STAN by 5 Knorad Brauckmeyer (74, +4)
Daulet Tuleubayev (77, +7) SCU by 1 Oscar Zimmerman (76, +6)
Nate Menon (72, +2) STAN by 4 Alex Conley (76 (+6)
Ethan Ng (75, +5) SCU by 2 Zack Kaneshiro (73, +3)
David Leede (73, +3) STAN by 7 Berk Harvey (80, +10)
Barclay Brown (77, +7) SCU by 5 Johnny Ward (72, +2)
Ashwin Arasu (73, +3) STAN by 2 Jack Avrit (75, +5)


Stanford vs. Santa Clara Fourball

Stanford Score Santa Clara
Snyder/Thorbjornsen STAN 4&3 McCarty/Ward
Vilips/Menon STAN 6&5 Kaneshiro/Brackmeyer
Arasu/Leede SCU 1 up Conley/Avrit
Ng/Brown STAN 3&2 Harvey/Zimmerman