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Carlson Posts Top-10 Mark in Javelin

Apr 18, 2021

GOLDEN – The University of Colorado track and field thrower Henry Carlson took the title in the javelin at the Kit Mayer Classic here Sunday afternoon.
Carlson had the event won on the second throw of competition but went for the record books and succeeded on his final toss of competition with a throw of 56.40 meters (185-0). That mark is good for seventh in CU history after the javelin implement change that occurred in 1983. He is 12th overall in CU history in the event. Ryan Ganson finished third and Lars Atkinson finished sixth in the event.
The other victory for the Buffs came in the women's 400 hurdles with Reese Renz dominating the competition with a time of 62.25 seconds. In the men's hurdles, Garrett Nelson finished second in 53.32 seconds. Kellen Monestime finished in 54.51 seconds for fourth.
The rest of the events came in the hammer, discus and shot put. The highest placer for the men and women was Dominique Williams in the hammer in 57.01 meters (187-0). Tyler Sconce finished fourth while Caleb Penner finished sixth. The men had Penner finish fourth in the discus, followed by Atkinson, Carlson, Williams and Sconce in order.
For the women, Jane Powers finished fourth in the hammer in 51.11 meters (167-8), followed closely by Elena Opp in fifth and Gya'ni Sami in sixth. In the discus, Opp led in fifth at 40.19 meters (131-10), while Lauren Whyrick finished fifth in the shot put in 12.93 meters (42.5.25).
The Buffaloes spread out across the nation next week, competing in three time zones at LSU, Oregon and at home at CSU. Action begins Thursday at CSU with the multis in action.
Men's 400 Hurdles: 1. Carl Schmidt (CSUP) 52.82; 2. Garrett Nelson (COLO) 53.32; 4. Kellen Monestime (COLO) 54.51
Men's Shot Put: 1. Arvid Veidmark (CSM) 17.52m (57-5.75); 7. Clayton Castro (COLO) 13.42m (44-0.5)
Men's Discus: 1. Nathan Reid (WYO) 51.88m (170-2); 4. Caleb Penner (COLO) 47.84m (156-11); 5. Lars Atkinson 47.24m (155-0); 6. Henry Carlson (COLO) 46.36m (152-1); 7. Dominique Williams (COLO) 44.77m (146-10); 8. Tyler Sconce (COLO) 43.53m (142-10)
Men's Hammer: 1. Arvid Veidmark (CSM) 57.70m (189-4); 3. Dominique Williams (COLO) 57.01m (187-0); 4. Tyler Sconce (COLO) 55.99m (183-8); 6. Caleb Penner (COLO) 51.13m (167-9)
Men's Javelin: 1. Henry Carlson (COLO) 56.40m (185-0); 3. Ryan Ganson (COLO) 51.09m (167-7); 6. Lars Atkinson (COLO) 46.63m (153-0)
Women's 400 Hurdles: 1. Reese Renz (COLO) 62.25
Women's Shot Put: 1. Kathleen Tomon (CSM) 13.92m (45-8); 5. Lauren Whyrick (COLO) 12.93m (42-5.25); 12. Meghan Whyrick (COLO) 11.02m (36-2)
Women's Discus: 1. Cosette Stellern (WYO) 45.79m (150-3); 5. Elena Opp (COLO) 40.19m (131-10); 6. Obi Osafo-Mensah (COLO) 39.02m (128-0); 10. Gya'ni Sami (COLO) 35.84m (117-7)
Women's Hammer: 1. Elizabeth Lockhart (CSUP) 55.87m (183-4); 4. Jane Powers (COLO) 51.11m (167-8); 5. Elena Opp (COLO) 50.25m (164-10); 6. Gya'ni Sami (COLO) 49.54m (162-6)