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Bears Prepare For Fierce Pac-12 Championships

May 11, 2022

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BERKELEY – Following its best outdoor season in recent memory, California track & field (No. 25 men, No. 24 women) now faces its toughest test yet against many of the nation's best teams at the Pac-12 Championships, held this year from May 13-15 at Hayward Field in Eugene, Oregon.

Other ranked teams participating at the Championships include host Oregon (No. 7 men, No. 9 women), USC (No. 8 men, No. 21 women), Stanford (No. 11 men, No. 18 women), Washington (No. 19 men, No. 15 women), Arizona State (No. 22 men, No. 16 women) and Colorado (No. 25 women).

As a team, the 2022 Bears have compiled one world record, two national records, two NCAA records, four school records, one NCAA freshman record, two Cal freshman records, three facility records, eight meet records, two U.S. Track & Field and Cross Country Coaches Association (USTFCCCA) Division I Athlete of the Week awards and eight Pac-12 Athlete of the Week awards in the outdoor season alone. In total, they have added 30 new Top-10 marks to the all-time program record book. Additionally, for the first time in program history, two Golden Bears have made The Bowerman Watch List: Camryn Rogers, who was a semifinalist for the 2021 award, and Mykolas Alekna, the standout freshman discus thrower who currently leads the NCAA.

For this weekend, Cal is slated to enter 55 athletes in 33 events. The accepted entries for the Pac-12 Championships are as follows:

Accepted Entries - Men
100m Dash:

  • Christian Catlin (No. 25 Pac-12)
  • David Foster (No. 11 Pac-12)

200m Dash:

  • George Monroe

400m Dash:

  • Josh Keller
  • Henry Larkin (No. 19 Pac-12)

800m Run:

  • Moises Medrano (No. 11 Pac-12)
  • Ben Micallef (No. 13 Pac-12)

1500m Run:

  • Carrick Denker
  • Garrett MacQuiddy (No. 8 Pac-12)

5000m Run:

  • Gabriel Abbes
  • Xavier Court
  • Carrick Denker
  • Colin FitzGerald

110m Hurdles:

  • Hakim McMorris (No. 3 Pac-12)

400m Hurdles:

  • Will Sornberger (No. 11 Pac-12)

4x100m Relay:

  • Kamau Carlisle, George Monroe, Mason Mangum, David Foster

4x400m Relay:

  • Isaiah Shaw, Josh Keller, Will Sornberger, Henry Larkin

High Jump:

  • Riley Knott (No. T10 Pac-12)
  • Jai Williams (No. 7 Pac-12)

Pole Vault:

  • Tyler Burns (No. T4 Pac-12)

Long Jump:

  • Kamau Carlisle (No. 7 Pac-12)
  • Mason Mangum (No. 8 Pac-12)
  • Hakim McMorris (No. 5 Pac-12)

Triple Jump:

  • Isaiah Shaw (No. 5 Pac-12)

Shot Put (Squad No. 4 NCAA):

  • Jeff Duensing (No. 3 Pac-12)
  • Josh Johnson (No. 13 NCAA, No. 2 Pac-12)
  • Jake Porter (No. 6 Pac-12)

Discus Throw (Squad No. 1 NCAA):

  • Mykolas Alekna (No. 1 NCAA, No. 1 Pac-12)
  • Josh Johnson (No. 11 Pac-12)
  • Iffy Joyner (No. 9 NCAA, No. 4 Pac-12)
  • Justin Wirtz (No. 15 Pac-12)

Hammer Throw:

  • Michael Gupta (No. 12 Pac-12)
  • Ivar Moisander (No. 4 Pac-12)


  • Riley Knott (No. 10 Pac-12)

Accepted Entries - Women
100m Dash (Squad No. 14 NCAA):

  • Ezinne Abba (No. 8 NCAA, No. 4 Pac-12)
  • Aysha Shaheed (No. 22 Pac-12)
  • Maisie Stevens (No. T8 Pac-12)

200m Dash (Squad No. 23 NCAA):

  • Ezinne Abba (No. 24 NCAA, No. 4 Pac-12)
  • Aysha Shaheed (No. 22 Pac-12)
  • Maisie Stevens (No. 14 Pac-12)

400m Dash:

  • Aly Conyers (No. 11 Pac-12)
  • Ryan Lacefield

1500m Run:

  • Claire Yerby

5000m Run:

  • Erin Archibeck (No. 11 Pac-12)
  • Meredith Corda
  • Marea Zlatunich (No. 22 Pac-12)

100m Hurdles:

  • Jordyn Grady (No. 19 Pac-12)
  • Jada Hicks (No. 12 Pac-12)

4x100m Relay:

  • Jada Hicks, Ezinne Abba, Maisie Stevens, Aysha Shaheed (No. 3 Pac-12)

4x400m Relay:

  • Ryan Lacefield, Aly Conyers, Ezinne Abba, Jahzara Richardson

High Jump:

  • Toby Lai (No. T24 Pac-12)
  • Hawa Wague (No. T8 Pac-12)

Pole Vault:

  • Amari Turner (No. 3 Pac-12)

Long Jump:

  • Asha Fletcher (No. T5 Pac-12)
  • Ijeoma Uche (No. T12 Pac-12)

Triple Jump (Squad No. 8 NCAA):

  • Busola Akinduro (No. 5 Pac-12)
  • Asha Fletcher (No. 3 Pac-12)
  • Felicia Renelus (No. 6 Pac-12)

Shot Put (Squad No. 22 NCAA):

  • Amelia Flynt (No. 7 Pac-12)
  • Sara Pettinger (No. 18 Pac-12)
  • Krissy Smoot (No. 10 Pac-12)

Discus Throw (Squad No. 7 NCAA):

  • Jasmine Blair (No. 18 NCAA, No. 2 Pac-12)
  • Amelia Flynt (No. 11 Pac-12)
  • Sara Pettinger (No. 21 Pac-12)
  • Krissy Smoot (No. 19 Pac-12)

Hammer Throw (Squad No. 1 NCAA):

  • Destiny Okoh (No. 25 Pac-12)
  • Anna Purchase (No. 3 NCAA, No. 2 Pac-12)
  • Camryn Rogers (No. 1 NCAA, No. 1 Pac-12)
  • Rebecca Tomann (No. 13 Pac-12)

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