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Postgame Quotes vs. Southern Utah

Sep 10, 2022
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Coach Kyle Whittingham
Opening Statement
"We did a lot of good things, and we expected to win the football game, and that is a given, but you don't always do what you are supposed to, and things don't always go the way they are supposed to. It was good to see our guys perform efficiently and make a lot of play on both sides of the ball. We have some special teams miscues that we have to get fixed. We have things to correct; there is no doubt about that. A game like this is as valuable for our twos as it is for our ones. We got a great evaluation on our twos as they played the entire second half. We will get a good evaluation of those guys and go from there. There was a lot of good stuff to come out of this game. Besides five minutes in the first quarter where we bogged down a little bit, it was all clean, efficient, and good stuff. This was a good game to get behind us and prepare for the next one. We have San Diego State coming to town, who got us last year; we need to prepare and be ready."
On the first quarter
"It wasn't all sloppy in the quarter as we got out to an early lead, but we turned the ball over during that stretch, which is a negative, but we weren't in sync for a few minutes there but were able to get back in sync and see the offense execute those two two-minute drills at the end of the first half. I don't have a good answer on why we bogged down, but it was only five minutes out of 60, so the other 55 minutes were pretty good."
Who stood out in this contest for Utah
"Cameron Rising and Dalton Kincaid did a nice job as they connected for seven passes. The offensive line played well. The defensive line played well, as they were much better against the run, but you would expect that. We knew this week we would be better against the run. Are we good enough? We will find out as we go along throughout the remainder of the season."
On the red zone play against Southern Utah
"I haven't analyzed it completely yet, but statistically, it appeared to be better. If I remember correctly, we only got stopped once down there, but it was more efficient and more what we are used to.
On Jaylon Glover
"He is a talented kid. Right now, he is our fourth back, but we are blessed with that position as we have a good room in the running backs. In his debut, he didn't get any snaps last week and made the most of the snaps he got this week. He ended with 53 yards rushing. Jaylon is a guy we have a lot of belief in. Chris Curry and Tavion Thomas are ahead of him, but his time will come."
What can you take away defensively from this performance
"The run defense was a 180 from last week, but the level of competition is different, so you can't put all your stock into numbers. You have to go watch the film see how we did with fundamentals, technique, and our fits, and make sure we are doing that stuff right. Things can become masked in a win if you don't analyze the film."
RJ Hubert's Pick 6 to extend the streak
"We have had 19 seasons with a pick-six in a row? Wow, I didn't know it was that long. We hope to get another one or two this season. I didn't realize it was that long. I thought it half that, but I knew we had a streak going but didn't know it was the long."

#7 Cameron Rising, Quarterback
On mindset going into the game regarding the opponent…
"We wanted to come out and dominate, pretty much just do everything we can. We've been putting in the work and we understood that they're a good team. We just needed to make sure we were handling our business."

On shift after first quarter offense…
"We just kept shooting ourselves in the foot and putting our weight behind the sticks and that made it hard for us, but we just didn't flinch and made sure we made the next series count and that's the most important thing right there for us."

On Chris Curry's game…
"He's a great back and it's always good when you get a guy like him going. To see him running down hill and hitting those holes hard like that, although he probably shouldn't be reaching the ball across like that for that touchdown (laughing), but it was a great run. I'm excited for him and happy to have him with the team working like that."

On everyone getting a share of good offensive performances…
"It gives the whole entire group confidence and going forward, just knowing we have so many guys that are so versatile that can be used in so many different situations. It's just exciting for the offense as a whole."
#1 Jaylon Glover, Running Back
On scoring his first touchdown…
"It was a surreal moment. You know, had to act like you been there before, but the first of many and I'm excited to keep going."

On being patient while getting on the field…
"It's not hard, especially when you have a group of guys like this just making you excited to come in day in and day out and get better. Ultimately, I know I'm a young guy and I have a lot of years ahead of me, so my job is to stay healthy, stay ready, and cheer on my guys while they're on the field."
#86 Dalton Kincaid, Tight End
On jump starting a shift in Utah's playing level…
"It was awesome. Opportunities came my way, I was just trying to make the most of them."

On takeaways from the score margin…
"There's still going to be a lot to correct on film, so we'll watch film, make those corrections and then look towards San Diego State."
#20 Lander Barton, Linebacker
On his first sack and experience playing at home…
"It felt good, the first sack in my career but I expect many more to come. The environment was great but I can only imagine next week will be even better."

On defensive response compared to last week…
"I feel like we did well today. All week in preparation we were honing in on physicality, being dominant upfront, and I feel like today we were truly dominant up in the front seven."

On what made for an effective defense…
"I think we just controlled up front. We were able to control gaps on the line of scrimmage and to fit up as linebackers and force them to throw the ball."