Video: UCLA's Myles Jack talks about being a defensive and offensive threat

On this week's episode of Statisfaction, host Ryan McGrady catches up with UCLA linebacker and running back Myles Jack after claiming the Pac-12's freshman offensive and defensive player of year awards on Monday. The Bellevue, Wash., native was an instat impact player for the Bruins with 71 tackles this season, third most among Pac-12 freshmen. 

Jack then took his game to the next level on Nov. 9 against Arizona, debuting as a running back. He rushed for 120 yards on six carries, including a 66-yard touchdown run to help put the game away. Through four games at the end of the season, the two-way player gained 267 yards on 37 carries and scored seven touchdowns for the Bruins. Hear what he had to say about his unprecedented season and how he statistically stacks up against legendary UCLA alum Jackie Robinson.

To read more about Jack's late-season exploits and the rest of the Pac-12 football award winners in the Conference release.

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